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There are various types of transport available to Reading residents who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. 

This includes council run services as well as private and voluntary sector organisations. Services offering transport can be found on the transport search within the Reading Services Guide. Use related link on this page headed Transport Services.

Alterations to West Berkshire Concessionary travel arrangements may affect Reading Borough Council bus pass holders.

West Berkshire Council’s concessionary travel arrangements have reverted to the  National Scheme Conditions. This means that for anyone using a bus pass in the West Berks area these changes will apply.

  1. All concessionary passes will only be valid to board a bus in West Berks after 9.30am Mon-Fri rather than from 9am. (No changes to weekend validity).
  2. For companion pass holders the companion will no longer be able to travel for free on a bus in West Berks. This means that a Reading pass holder with a companion boarding a bus in Reading and travelling to Calcot or Newbury for shopping can both travel for free to Calcot or Newbury, but the companion will have to pay to come back.

As a result of the West Berks changes, West Berks issued bus passes will also only be valid on buses in Reading Borough from 9.30am Mon-Fri.

Updated June 2019