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EHC Needs Assessment - Timeline - Reading Guide for Parents & Carers

Reading’s Criteria for Starting an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment for a Child or Young Person


These criteria, which are used when considering a request to start an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment, should be seen as a guide as each child/young person has unique strengths and needs, and may not fit into set criteria. Judgements for deciding if an Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment should be carried out are considered by the multi-professional Special Educational Needs Panel, who will use their knowledge and experience to form a view based on the evidence presented to them. The final decision lies with the Local Authority as represented by the Chair of the Special Educational Needs panel.

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I am unhappy with my child's Education, Health and Care plan. Who can I talk to?

If you are unhappy with your child's Education, Health and Care Plan you can contact Reading IASS. They can advise you about the Independent Dispute and Resolution Service.

Reading IAAS (formerly Parent Partnership Service) - Contact information

T: 0118 9373421 E:  W: Reading IASS

Helpline open: Monday 9.30-1pm; Wednesday 10am-6pm; Friday 1pm; 9.30am-1pm Term time only - Messages can be left at any time.