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Local Offer Feedback & Consultations

We would welcome feedback from parents carers, children and young people, and practitioners using the SEND Local Offer to access services and support. 

The Reading Services Guide is a directory of services providing information on Adults, Families (Family Information Service & SEND-Local Offer) and Youth.

The site was launched in April 2014 as an ‘all services hub’ a single point to access ‘information’ for the whole family on line. The site has now become a primary source for families to access information, advice and guidance.

Users are asked to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve the website, we have evaluated and have actioned where possible some of the suggestions and recommendations (see below)

The Family Information Service - Local Offer - work closely with Reading Families Forum (RFF) and Special United to ensure the information on the Local Offer meets the needs of families in Reading

How to provide feedback on the SEND Local Offer

We would welcome feedback from parents, carers, children and young people using the SEND Local Offer to access services and support. This can be done by:-

Email Us -

Contact Us - 0118 9373777 (option 2)

Complete the Survey - Click Here

All records listed in the Local Offer have a 'rate & review' option, feedback can be provided using this method.

Reading Services Guide – - there is a 'Feedback' button available on all of the pages (right of the screen) 

You Said, We Did - 2015

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

You Said’

‘We did’

You wanted services to provide cost details (2015)

We have contacted service users and asked them to provide this information next time they update their service record. 

It would be useful to have a calendar or search by date facility (2015)

We have an events calendar on all sections of the directory including FIS, Adults and Youth.  Events can be searched using the calendar option.

Having added items to a shortlist, it’s not obvious how to view the list.  Can my list be named to ‘my shortlist? (2015)

We consulted with the system provider and have now changed the wording to ‘My Shortlist’

‘It is very “local authority” the phrase ‘local offer’.  This would mean nothing to me as a member of the public.

(2015) further updated (2016)

The phrase Local Offer is prescribed in the SEND Code Of Practice. Unfortunately we cannot rename this phrase.  However what we have done is link the local offer button to the SEN landing page, where users can read and find out about the local offer and can link that to special educational needs and disabilities.

We have now created an advice and guidance page explaining 'What is the Local Offer' as many parents have stated they would like a page telling them what this phrase means in terms of the Code of Practice. The page has been welcomed by parents.

Support for families who have a family member suffering from mental health problems

Under the ‘families’ section we have a search facility dedicated to mental health and the support services available locally and nationally. This information is also further supported by an advice and guidance page.

Signposting to national support agencies, helplines etc.

(2015) further developed in (2016)

The Reading Services Guide provides local and national support services where possible.  We are planning to review all the national organisations and create links via the advice and guidance pages.

We have further enhanced the information on local and national services. To make it an easier journey we have created a sub section which clearly guides the user to either 'National' or 'Local' support services

You said, ‘for individuals with limited competency of internet usage this could be confusing, if there is a facility to arrange time with an advisor for this purpose’

The FIS team are based within the Contact Centre and can easily assist client visiting RBC reception from 9am – 5pm. Staff based within Reading libraries have also been trained to assist users on the RSG.

Might be good to be able to read reviews about events, clubs and to have user rating system. (2015)

The Reading Services Guide has a ‘rate and review’ option available.  However, we are still reviewing the legal implications of publishing the review and ratings comments.   Once approved we will be looking to publish this information. Currently all review and ratings left by users are actioned and addressed by the RSG team.

You don’t mention the excellent Reading Advocacy Service in the Carers section (2015)

We have researched this service and this has been added to the Reading Services Guide.

Special Educational Needs – it's not always clear the best way to contact some of the services, e.g. when I have rung up about certain activities they often require Early Hub referrals to access, this seems to particularly apply to any services for respite. (2015)

To ensure users have access to comprehensive information about services listed on the Reading Services Guide, we are encouraging providers to provide referral criteria and access routes for families to use their service, this information is a requirement of local offer.  However, some services unfortunately do not provide us with the information.  We are proactively contacting these providers to gather this information so that it makes it a seamless process for families. We are also working closely with partner agencies for example, the children’s action team and early help hub, to ensure families can access services.

You Said, We Did - 2016

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Feedback from Reading Families Forum (RFF) Parent. (2016)

It's not always clear to the user that we have to click on the service link to access the full information on what they offer. 

This feedback highlighted the need to add some information on the service name listed so the end user is made aware that by clicking the name of the service will provide further information on what they offer. The following caption has been applied to the whole directory 'click here to view full details on this service'

Feedback from Reading Families Forum (RFF) Parent (2016)

The Carer's Assessment page needs to be reviewed to make it an easier read - clearer pathway to access the service. 

This information was fed back to the relevant team at the council, the page was re-visited and streamlined to make it an easier read for the end user. We were also asked to add a link to the Contact a Family - Carer's Assessment guidance document, which was added to the page. Because the directory is shared between children & adults all duplication was removed and we now only have one page on Carer's Assessment which is shared within the directory.

Parent Feedback (2016)

There are a lot of acronyms used within the local offer and I appreciate that you can't display the full words every time, however is there any way you can make it easier for people like me who are new to the SEND world.

We now have a glossary app as part of the system, where the back office function allows us to add an acronym - with the full meaning, therefore when the end user put's their mouse over the word it will provide the full meaning. This function is available throughout the directory.

Parent Feedback (2016)

Can some of the categories within the local offer be split further? Currently the heading take us in to a full list of services, sub categories would be really helpful.

This year we went through all the categories and have refined them to provide sub sections. The following areas now have sub heading s to give the user an easier, more accessible journey when looking for a service.

Education, Schools & Services - Special Needs Support - Health & Social Care - Transition 16-25 - Special Needs Activities

All of the above now have sub sections which provides a smoother search journey.

Parents Feedback (2016)

The DISC Newsletter is the best thing the council do to provide information to families, and keeping us informed on activities, support and new legislation etc. especially as I am new to the SEND world. One parent commented 'it's a life line' for me and my family. 

The DISC Newsletter is in it's seventh year of publication. It has grown significantly in size and distribution, and is very popular with families. The DISC Newsletter is a collation of information from the Local Offer provided in an alternative format, which many families prefer. Alongside this we keep families up to date with weekly 'updates' which covers events, activities, support services etc. 

Parent Feedback (2016)

2 Year Funding Page - Parents wanted a prominent link to the on line application form (Citizen Portal). We currently have a highlighted link. 

We consulted with our IT providers of the Reading Services Guide and came up with a solution parents liked a green box on the right of the screen, this links directly to the application form. We also made sure the 2 year funding logo would also link to the application form. This page now has all the information a parent/carer would need to access a 2 year funded place.

Autism Partnership Board & Parent Feedback (2016

What is Autism? This is an advice & guidance page set up to provide general information on Autism. However feedback was that more information was needed and for the page to be slightly re-worded and to incorporate local links.

Reading Families Forum (RFF) and other voluntary organisations in Reading reviewed the page. The information was streamlined and useful links to national and local organisations was added. 

Page completed in December 2016

You Said, We Did - 2017

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Carers Advice & Support Section on the Local Offer (January 2017)

Parent Volunteers were asked to review the Carers Advice & Support section on the Local Offer. 

On first inspection I was surprised to see that Parent Partnership had not been listed. After more in-depth reading, I found it had been mentioned by its new name 'Reading Information, Advice and Support Service for SEN' in the Disagreements, Mediation, Tribunals and Appeals category. This service has been the most beneficial to me personally as a carer and I wonder if it should have its own category to itself to explain everything that it can provide.

There were a lot of services included for people with autism. However, there didn't seem to be as much information or services for people with ADHD (or some of the other conditions like downs syndrome). It might be useful to include a list of more specialised services for some of the other conditions too if they are indeed available. 

We have now set up a dedicated advice & guidance page which explains in detail the support Reading SEND IASS provides. This page has been tagged throughout the Local Offer to ensure users can find it easily. (February 2017)

We have enhanced the support information for ADHD, however there are limitations on what is available in the community for it to be listed on the Local Offer. We are planning on enhancing the support information on other conditions (February 2017)

Short Breaks - Section on the Local Offer - Review by Parent Volunteers - (February 2017)

1.If you click Reading short breaks the Appleberry care Ltd, differs from the other boxes in that there is no post code at the top and also it says Appleberry Care Ltd, Appleberry care. (Not sure it needs the Appleberry care Ltd as this is already at the top.

2.Click SEND short breaks, then at the bottom of the page, under heading Voluntary organisations short breaks it says Berkshire Autistic Society with their web address - should say Autism Berkshire 

1. The postcode was missing and therefore was differing from the other record. We have now added the correct postcode to the record, this has resolved the issue identified. (February 2017)

2. This has been amended, and it is now hyper-linked too, this will provide a more efficient user journey. The Reading Mencap link was also done at the same time as they sit together. (February 2017)



Short Breaks - Section on the Local Offer - Review by Parent Volunteers - (March 2017)

1 - I noticed that some of the website links had been omitted. For example, there was no link to a website for Appleberry Care or the Autism Berkshire groups. Although I found the websites myself through a google search, it may still be beneficial to others to have the website link attached. 

2 - The only thing I did wonder about was if there was any other companies that could be included that specialised in holidays for disabled families (or would this information be available in another section of the website). It is very hard to find suitable locations/resorts to take away disabled children/adults away. It would be nice to find a list somewhere of disabled/special needs/autistic friendly holidays where families could feel they could have a short break away together.

3 -  Although a lot of short breaks are listed it doesn't always make it clear how they are funded 

1 - The missing links have now been rectified and added to both records.

2 - With regards the specialist holiday information, we do provide this on the Local Offer it’s located under Special Needs Activities - called Supported Holidays. This is a popular section with families. However after parent feedback we have added a link to the special needs activities page and the supported holiday under Short Breaks, hopefully this will make it easier for users to access the information.

3 - We have now added a filter names 'RBC Funded' users can used this filter to narrow down services funded by Reading Borough Council and those that are offered through community, faith and voluntary organisations.

Parents review of the Special Needs Activities section on the Local Offer (March 2017)

Parent volunteers reviewed this section to ensure there was good quality information, there was enough information on services avaiable and if suggest any improvements.

It all looks very informative actually, can't see anything much to improve on this time. (March 2017)

Parents review of the Special Needs Activities section on the Local Offer (May 2017)

Having looked at the special needs activities section I found it very comprehensive with a lot of information under each sub heading . I found it very easy to navigate.

One thing I found that I think would improve it for the user is to have a filter to check if the club / group / holiday club will deal with personal care . It would save the user ringing or mailing every contact on the list to check. 

We have now added a filter under 'Supporting people with:' named Personal Care, so that users can use this filter to narrow down their searches quickly and efficently.

Parents review of the Special Needs Activities section on the Local Offer (May 2017)

1. If there is enough information for parent/carers in this section?

Absolutely, I thought this was a detailed comprehensive guide of clubs and activities. I thought it was also very useful to of spilt the section into 5 sub categories and also have the use of the the filter system if you are looking for something more specific.

2.What information is missing?

I couldn't find any club or activities that had been left out. All clubs and groups that I have attended or know about had been included. I also found it useful to use the 'search for keywords' to help me find a particular group that I was looking for. It was good that dates and times had been stated on activities where applicable. I would use it for future reference as I often forget the day and exact times of the groups. 

3.What else would you like to see?

I'm not sure if you think this information is relevant or what section it could be included in but many family 'Days out' (such as Legoland, Buckleberry Farm etc) offer a reduction in price for either the disabled person or their carer. Most theme parks offer an exit pass system where disabled children can bypass the large queues so they can still access the park. This information could possibly be mentioned somewhere as not every family would be aware.

Feedback to question 3 - We have now set up a 'Days Out' section under Special Needs Activities, we have recently had several request for days out options to be available on the Local Offer, therefore we have actioned this request to ensure families have access to this information on the Local Offer. The same request was also made by young people at the Reading Families Forum - Youth Group. May 2017

Link to page - 

Parents review of the Education, Schools & Services section on the Local Offer (June 2017)

I've had a good look round this section and there is lots of good information on there. It's all seems very user friendly.  I put a few searches in the search engine and the information I was looking for came up. 

One thing I did notice was an out of date download is attached , it may be you have regular reminders in place at your end to check for things like this?

This guide is out of date as it makes reference to Enrych, Enrych have not had the contract for administration since 31/3/17, it is now managed in house so needs amending to reflect the up to date details. 

We contacted the internal team responsible for producing the guide, this has been updated and the new version has been uploaded to the 'Personal Budgets' page listed on the Local Offer.

Parent Feedback - requesting a section under Special Needs Support specifically covering benefits and financial help available to families (October 2017) 

We consulted Reading Families Forum on what we should name this section, feeback was to keep it meanigful - Benefits & Finance. Section set up under Special Needs Support and populated the search with services and supporting the information with advice and guidance pages.

Request from Parents - wanted a category that can be searchable in the Carers Advice & Support for Young Carers (October 2017)

A new sub category was set up as requested to help users find the information on young carers for efficiently - click to view section. 

Parent carer and peer review feedback - Wheel Chair Accessbile filter to make the search more accessible (November 2017)

During a peer review process with West Sussex, parent carers identified that searching for a service which is wheel chair accessible is'nt easy at present under the Local Offer. The filter is available and searchable under 'supporting people with....' however this is not easy to find in the filter section.

We have actioned the feedback provided and have now added a seperate filter which is easily accessible through the directory, with a one quick filter option. (November 2017)

Parent Feedback - it was requested that a easier feedback option on the Local Offer would work better to encourage parent carers to give feedback quickly (November 2017)

We have now added a 'Feedback' button which can be accessible on all the pages. The form is easy to complete and can be submitted directly to the Family Information Service/Local Offer. A call back can be requested from this form, along with further information. We will still keep all the other feedback options available on the Local Offer including the rate & review (December 2017)

You Said, We Did - 2018

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Parent review of the Transitions 16-25 section on the Local Offer - Main Landing page - 

1.Under the first section you come to about transitions, could it refer to involving leaving college and moving to employment as well as leaving school and moving to adult social care etc?

2.First bullet point under the introduction refers to statements not EHCPs.

Second bullet point - would be good to be specific that young people should be involved as well as family

3. SEND employment sections refers to having a learning disability but could include any special educational need or disability, I would think. It goes on to mention the blind charity etc.

(March 2018)  

Points 1, 2 and 3 raised by parent carers are now updated - link to the page - 

Parent review of the Transitions 16-25 section on the Local Offer 

I have taken a look at the site and I think that a lot of work has gone into this. There are clearly lots of useful links and resources and each time I thought of something and search for it I found it.

The exception, and it could be that it's there but I didn't find it, is to explain what happens to someone who has an existing EHCP at this transition stage.

(March 2018)

The query from the parent carer was raised with the Manager of the SEND Service - ‘We have a draft policy around transition to adulthood focussed on social care which covers some aspects of young people on EHCPs’. The draft policy will be reviewed by one of the groups within the SEND Strategy (transitions to adulthood) for agreement. Therefore it is work in progress.

Parent was updated on the progress, and will be informed once published on the Local Offer.

Parent feedback on the Local Offer - Carers Section - Babble carers link doesn't work on the record listed on the Local Offer

(May 2018)

Thank you for providing feedback on the young carers section. We have amended the record and removed ‘Babble’, it’s also been taken down from the Carers Trust website. We have replaced it with another website ‘’, please see link below.

Support for Young Carers

Parent Feedback on the Local Offer - Children's Action Team, advice and guidance page, and Educational Psychology Team/Services 

There are no longer 13 children's centres and Ed Psychs are now part of Education. PASS worker link doesn't work either.

(May 2018)

We have removed the 13 CC from the CAT page and replaced with 4 clusters, the Children Centre area is all up to date, unfortunately this link was missed. The link to the PASS worker record, this service is no longer available – record was archived on the 08/08/2017, unfortunately we forgot to remove the link! Well spotted!

We have also updated the Educational Psychology information, and have removed the links from the CAT record, along with Portage PMHW and the ASD Service, they still have their individual service records. We also found out that they offer a Sensory Integration Service – new record created on the Local Offer -

Reading Families Forum (RFF)- Steering Group Meeting

It was raised at the RFF meeting that collectively we need to raise awareness of the Health Checks 14+ that GP offer all young people who have additional needs. More information on the Local Offer was suggested.

(May 2018)

In order to ensure the information we publish comes from the NHS, we checked the NHS Choices syndication portal where we can access advice and guidance pages written by NHS professionals, these can be published on the Local Offer. The following NHS page has been published on the Local Offer which provides good information about the Health Checks -

Parent review of the Early Years & Childcare section of the Local Offer.

'It would be good to have more information about support in the early stages of diagnosis such as the diagnosis support service run by PSC, chatterbox is a charity I recently heard of that do speech therapy and then there is the speech therapy drop  at children’s centres and FAMILY at children’s centres.'

(May 2018) 

We took the feedback from parents wanting more information about 'Support in Early Years' and have now set up a dedicated sub section under the Early Years & Childcare, where parent carers can find out more about SEND support services for 0-5, including those provided by Children Centres, Parenting Special Children, BHFT etc. Supporting advice & guidance pages also added to this new section.

Link to the new section -

Feedback from parent - This looks so good  - wish it had been around when xxxxx was little, all the things a parent needs to know!

Parent review of the Early Years & Childcare section of the Local Offer.

I've looked several times at the Early Years & Childcare section. I'm impressed with the amount of information it contains and it certainly provides a useful reference guide. It looks particularly helpful if you are looking for childcare or other service provisions as you can see it all in the one place.

(June 2018)

Q1) I think there's plenty of information for parent/carers in this section

Q2) I'm now aware of anything that's missing

Q3) The only other thing I'd like to see is keeping it as simple as possible, which is difficult as some of it's quite complicated! Are people who are maybe finding it confusing able to call the FIS and talk through their situation? Might be helpful if the sections offered a telephone number if appropriate. Family Information Service contact details have been added to the landing page for parent carers to use if they need further assistance in accessing childcare.



Parent Feedback on the Local Offer Disc Newsletter

You know you ask for feedback - I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to put on the general local offer newsletter/pre 16+ local Offer Disc newsletter  at the beginning something like: We also have a newsletter for 16+ with lots of information for this age group if you can't find what you are looking for here. (July 2018)


We have amended the front page of the Local Offer Disc Newsletter ready for the next publication to inlcude a link to the Local Offer Disc Newsletter 16+ this will make it easier for young people and their parent carers to find the 16+ newsletter more efficently.

Parent Carer Feedback - reviewing the Health & Social Care section of the Local Offer

BHFT only provide OT, physio and speech and language to over 5s who have an EHCP and only provide this in the school setting. (September 2018)

This is a Berkshire Health Foundation Trust (BHFT) record and link goes straight to their website, the information is harvested directly from the source, therefore BHFT need to update the information on their platforms. BHFT informed of the feedback.

Parent Carer Feedback - review of the Health & Social Care section of the Local Offer.

CYPDT are now only for 0 - 18s

(September 2018)

Consulted with the CYPDT Manager, and the information on the Local Offer has been updated. Further review of this page is planned in for December 2018

Parent Carer Feedback - review of the Health & Social Care section

Parent wanted clearer guidance on what RBH and BHFT offer in terms of the therapies

(November 2018)

FIS/SEND Local Offer contacted colleagues at RBH & BHFT, these included OT, physio's and speech & language therapists for further clarity, the information was then updated on the SEND Local Offer, parents were informed.

Parent feedback at an outreach event on a service the family have used for their 16 year old son who has additional needs.

Parent had used the The National Citizen Service Programmeand how it helped her son, he really enjoyed attending and the young person would recommend NCS to other youn people with additional needs.

(November 2018)

We already had NCS listed on the Reading Services Guide, however after receiving such positive feedback, we contacted NCS to find out more. They offered a fantastic programme for young people with additional needs. The record was updated and tagged to the SEND Local Offer.

Parent Carer & Professionals feedback.

Parent Carers and Professiionals fed back that they really like the Pollicies, Pathways and Documents page, however it was getting longer and harder view the information.

(November 2018)

We reviewed the page, and have now added Concertina styling to help with the user journey. Originally we had two headings, Local & National. Through parent feedback, we have now added an additional concertina, where there is information specifically for parent carers and young people.

SEND Local Offer - Annual Reports, Surveys & Consultations

SEND Local Offer - Peer Reviews

Reading Borough Council has taken part in two SEND Local Offer Peer reviews. Reading Families Forum and Special United along with staff from the SEN team and the Family Information Service took part in both reviews. Outcome from the peer reviews helped us to further develop Reading's Local Offer.

SEND Local Offer Peer Review 2017- Reading Borough Council  & Portsmouth City Council - Local Offer review framework - Reading

SEND Local Offer Peer Review 2018 - Reading Borough Council & West Sussex - South East Local Offer Peer Review 2

Feedback & Comments Provided by Parent Carers, Young People & Practitioners

Feedback provided through survey, consultations and the FIS brokerage service from parent carers, young people and practitioners.

Great to have so much information, that is USER FRIENDLY and ACCESSIBLE to look through. Searching seems to work well to, and can find out UP TO DATE information on what's around locally’

Brilliant website, good up to date information, clearly displayed what more can you want’

Finally Reading Borough Council has got a website that is helpful useful and everyone in one place for the whole family! I was looking for childcare but found out about other services that I knew nothing about how great is that! Really good’

‘Really good site for parents I found my 2 year nursery place using this site easy to use’

'Having had a good look at the carers support and advice section there seems to be plenty of information for families in this section. I put in a couple of searches and found what I was looking for which is always a good sign! It's good that there is links to the website/phone and email too.' (February 2017)

'I thought the amount and quality of information was excellent, a very comprehensive guide to local services', There are so many contact details provided I would feel confident in finding the right help and guidance. I would definitely recommend the webpage to other friends who are seeking support and advice as carers.' (February 2017)

I thought the website provided a good explanation and comprehensive guide of the short break services available in the area. I found it useful for myself too, I was unaware of the Auticulate group until I read the section and I am now looking into it for my eldest son. The filter section worked very well again to help narrow down your search and if you are looking for a particular service. (March 2017)

The short breaks section seems very comprehensive and includes a lot of information. (March 2017)

Having looked at the special needs activities section I found it very comprehensive with a lot of information under each sub heading . I found it very easy to navigate. (May 2017)

Feedback from the Chair of Reading Families Forum - Parents tell us how much they like the Local Offer - I use it all the time! (September 2017)

The post 16 Newsletter is fantastic - learnt lots! (November 2017)

Feedback from the review of the Transition 16-25 section from a parent carer -Loads of useful information, thank you. Seems that you have got everything! (February 2018)

Feedback from the review of the Transition 16-25 section from a parent carer - I have taken a look at the site and I think that a lot of work has gone into this. There are clearly lots of useful links and resources and each time I thought of something and search for it I found it. (March 2018)

Feedback from the review of the Transition 16-25 section from a parent carer- I’ve had a good look and there appears to be lots of information there. I put a few searches in the search function and info came up on the topic i was searching for. It all appears easy to read and the links all seem to be working (April 2018)

Feeback from Parent contacting FIS/Local Offer - Thank you ever so much for your time in putting together all the information for me in your email.  I have subsequently received the 'Local Offer' email as well which was brilliant since it allowed me to check the new timings for our favourite FAMILY group. With both of my children needing special help, I am very grateful for any assistance. You and your colleague were wonderful on the phone, thank you. (April 2018)

Feedback from a parent wanting help to access 2 year funding for her child, diagnosed with ASD - Thank you for your help in any case. I am very grateful as I am sure you must get many queries on 2-year funding. Yet you dealt with mine very patiently and professionally. (May 2018)

Feedback from a parent, where FIS supported the parent to access the Portage Service, and support from the SEND Early Years Advisory Teacher - Thank you so much for all of this! It is truly appreciated. (May 2018)

Feedback from a parent, “The Local Offer is a godsend for parents of children with additional needs, information, support groups and places to go for advice and peer to peer support is so valuable in helping families cope. Make sure families know how to access the information; it can be translated into different languages and it is not just a website. There is a friendly team able to help families find the information they need.” (July 2018)

Feedback from a parent, learnt loads! Thanks so much all as every (this was about the Local Offer 16+newsletter) (July 2018)

Feeback from a parent who contacted FISThank you ever so much for your time in putting together all the information for me in your email. I have subsequently received the 'Local Offer' email as well which was brilliant since it allowed me to check the new timings for our favourite FAMILY group. With both of my children needing special help, I am very grateful for any assistance. You and your colleague were wonderful on the phone, thank you. (July 2018)

Feedback from parent who contacted FISI am very grateful as I am sure you must get many queries on 2-year funding. Yet you dealt with mine very patiently and professionally. This means a lot to me because of both boys being on the ASD spectrum. The earlier they can interact with other children and receive professional help, the better it is for his development. Thank you very much! (July 2018)

Feedback from parent who contacted FIS, Quote“…without your help, I would not be able to find the after school club. It is all sorted now, and the Indian Community after school was really happy to receive my daughter. Thank you so so much, because as I am a single mum, it has been really difficult for me to find something.” (September 2018)

Professional Feedback from a local SEND Charity, Quote from CEO, ‘Thank you for your help yesterday. I planted the question “So where do parents look for information?” The answer the Local Offer! (September 2018)

Feedback - Chair of a Local Charity - I hope RBC realises what a gem of a little service they have with FIS!  This is brilliant thank you. (November 2018)