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12th Reading Football Tournament Cup - Saturday 25th August

Come join the 12th Reading Cup at Palmer Park, East Reading, for a multi-cultural tournament bringing people together.

The tournament will kick off at 0930am and will run until 1900hrs.

This is an opportunity for communities to come together for a fun day, to make new friends and keep healthy and active.

Previous tournaments have seen an attendance of over 1500 people.

All welcome!

The main motto of this event is: Empower Youths Through Sports. it's a full day event. at the event Nepali foods and drinks will be served, musics play and dance performances are part of the event, if you would like to wear typical Nepali cultural dresses at the event please contact us well in advance. 

Besides, academic institutions, Local enterprises, volunteering organisations are encouraged to book spaces to display their promotional materials, its almost free only a small donation is requested.

For further information please email to or ring at 07939665482.