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Be Clear on Cancer - Blood in pee campaign 2018

Lives in the South East at risk by not looking for an important sign of bladder and kidney cancer

  • Blood in pee is a key symptom of bladder and kidney cancer, yet only 20% of those most at risk in the South East  – aged 50 or over – check the colour of their pee every time they go to the toilet[i]
  •  ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign launches in  the South East to encourage people to ‘look before they flush’ and tell their doctor if they notice blood in their pee, even if it’s just once
  • Every year around 19,100 new cases of bladder and kidney cancer are diagnosed in England; causing around 8,000 deaths

[i] All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc. 

Factors that increase the risk of bladder and/or kidney cancer include:

  • Smoking
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Some jobs, because of exposure to certain chemicals
  • Other medical conditions, such as kidney failure
  • A family history of cancer

Blood in pee is a key symptom for both bladder cancer and kidney cancer.

  • Other symptoms of bladder cancer include:
    • Cystitis (a urinary tract infection) that is difficult to treat or comes back quickly after treatment
    • Pain when peeing
  • Other symptoms of kidney cancer include:
    • A pain that doesn’t go away, either in the tummy or in the side, below the ribs
    • Weight loss

Blood might not appear every time, so it is important that people seek medical help even if they notice it just once.