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Reading Youth

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Your one-stop-shop for all things 'youth' in Reading. 

This site provides you with access to a wide variety of events, activites and organisations for young people in Reading.  Make sure you use the search bars at the top of the pages to find organisations and services which can help you, or click 'view all services in this category' on each page for a full list.

Reading Borough Council has carried out a review of its services for young people and come up with a set of ideas for the future.  By visiting the consultation webpage you can see what is proposed!

Reading Youth Cabinet and Reading Borough Council have together launched 'Off The Record' mental health booklet.  For all young people living in Reading, this handy booklet gives you information you need about mental health, and where to get support. 

Readings pledge to young people in-care, along with other information about being in-care, can be found here - if you are in-care, this is what the council and its partners promises to do to support you. 

Disclaimer: Reading Borough Council does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the links or services included in this services guide - please read our Disclaimer in full (link at the bottom of this page) before using this services guide.

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