Support - Food, Clothing & Warm Hub

To find out more about support organisations that provide food, clothing and warm spaces/hubs, please see below.

Organisations in Reading that can provide free food.

The following local organisations provide free food, no referral is needed to access their service. Please click here for more details.

To access the ReadiFood Food Parcels a referral needs to be made, please visit their website to find out more ReadiFood

Organisations that can sometimes help with clothing, including school uniform

There are a number of local organisations that have also helped in the past with clothing including pre-used school uniforms please click here to find out more. Contact them directly for more details.

The following organisations provide school uniforms however families will need to be referred click here for their contact details.

West Reading- After School Warm Space

A group of churches in West Reading working together as TORCH have decided to open up the Pavilion on Oxford Road after school 5 days a week to provide a warm place for families to come. The project will start on Monday 28th November 2022 and run during term time until Friday 31st March 2023. Use the following link to find out more  Reading Directory | Warm Hub - West Reading

Warm Welcome - Warm Hubs in Reading

Visit Reading Borough Council Warm Space page for more details of the spaces available in the Reading area.

There is also a national website Warm Welcome

Warm Space café – Weller Centre: Monday - Friday from 9.30am - 12pm

Enjoy a warm drink, chat, free wifi, borrow a book or just relax. We have a children’s area with toys and books so they can enjoy their visit too.. 

Pre-owned clothing

There are many local charity shops that sell pre-owned clothes on the high street.

Local NCT(National Childbirth Trust) groups have nearly new sales, visit Reading NCT to find out about local sales

Other second hand markets for children's clothes, toys etc such Mums 2 Mums Market visit to find out about markets taking place in the Reading area.

Page last reviewed: 17/02/2023

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