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Transition from Paediatric to Adult Health Services - Ready Steady Go!

Transition at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

At the Royal Berkshire Hospital, young people transition to adult services at different times, depending on their medical condition(s) and and their individual needs, but most young people transition between the ages of 16-19. 

 There is currently (July 2015) a trust-wide project to develop transition services, and young people with long- term or complex health needs may be started on a transition programme called 'Ready Steady Go'.  Further information on the Ready Steady Go programme can be found here:

 Transition to adult Care

When a young person with a long term health condition approaches the age of 16, we advise that they, or their parents, ask their consultant about their plans for transition.  Some of the questions they might like to ask are:

- What age will I be handed over to adult care?

- Will I have an adult consultant at the hospital or will my care be managed by my GP?

- Do you know who my adult consultant will be?

- What will be the process for transfer / handover to adult care (e.g.. hand-over letter, transfer clinic)?

 Emergency Department

At the Royal Berkshire Hospital we have a separate Children's Emergency Department which is located next to the Adult Emergency Department.  Young people can be treated here up to the age of 16 (see transition policy for further details of age of admission)

 Admission to Hospital

If a young person has to be admitted to hospital, they will usually go to an adult ward if they are over the age of 16.  There are some circumstances when a young person would remain under the care of the children's doctors if they are between the ages of 16-19 but this decision would be made by the appropriate clinical staff (see transition policy for further details of age of admission)

 Transition Policy

The Trust's transition policy and associated guidelines sets out the best practice for all healthcare professionals at the RBH, enabling the delivery of a well planned transitional process for young people with long term health needs.  This policy is still in development (July 2015) but it will be available on the RBH website once completed

 Reviewed October 2020