Free health checks for over 14s with a learning disability

  • Got a learning disability?
  • Over 14 years old?
  • Then get a checkup

Ask for a free learning-disability health check at your local GP practice!

If you are a parent/carer of a young person or adult with a learning disability, this is how to arrange a free health check for them.

  • Ask your GP to enter their name on the practice's Learning Disability Register
  • You will be sent a letter with an appointment
  • The letter tells you what will happen at the the health check
  • After the health check, the GP will gobe you a Health Action Plan
  • Your GP will also ask whether you are willing to share important information with other health care professionals to benefit the person you care for

Organisations who can help

Click here for a link to the information flyer with further details of organisations in West Berkshire and Wokingham that can help

Please talk to your GP about the following, procedures, conditions or symptoms:

  • Menopause - this is when you stop having periods.  This happens when you are in your 40's or 50's.  Click here to read more about it (from Swindon PCT Learning Disability Service)
  • Having a smear test - What is it about?  Click here to find out more (from Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust)
  • Cervical screening - Click here to read the Easy Guide to Cervical Screening from the NHS
  • Prostate - what changes should you look out for? Click here to read the easy guide (from Prostate Cancer UK)
  • Anxiety - what to do we start to feel too anxious. Click here for the easy read guide (from the Mental Health Foundation)



Page last reviewed: 11/05/2023

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