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Independent Living

 Leaving Home

Are you ready to leave home?

As you leave school and become an adult you might start thinking about leaving home.

It is important to think about how independent you are before you leave home. You will need to think about what support you may need.

It may be difficult to talk to your parents or the people who help you about leaving home. Although people are helping you they might make assumptions about what you want without really listening to you. Or you might feel that you are going to upset them if you talk about leaving.

You might have mixed feelings about becoming more independent. Many young people feel a bit daunted at the thought of leaving home and the thought that your support network is going to be less available might put you off moving out. On the other hand maybe you are raring to go! You know how to cope with your disability or illness and you want to get on with your life.

Getting a place to live

If you have a disability you might be able to get help to live independently from your local council.

If you want to leave home you will need to think about how much help you will need.

If you need a lot of help you might think about living in residential care. If you live in residential care most things like cooking and cleaning would be done for you.

If you do not need a lot of help to live on your own you might want to live in a supported living house. Supported living means you would do most things on your own but there would be people around to help you with things you find difficult.

Leaving Care

Your local council should help you with any problems finding somewhere to live until you are 21. If you go to college or university your local college should help you until you are 24.

If you are having problems getting help with somewhere to live you should go to your local citizen’s advice bureau.

If you have a disability living independently won’t be without it’s challenges and affects everyone differently.

 People should understand that just because you have some difficulties it doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a life.

 Maybe all you want is practical help.

People with a learning disability have a right to choice and control over their lives so they can live as independently as possible. They are not given the choices and opportunities that many of us take for granted - such as deciding where and who to live with or what to do during the day.

The social services department of your local authority will conduct a health and social care assessment to establish your specific needs. This could include an assessment by an occupational therapist to instruct on the various types of equipment you need.

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