Child Travel Project - for students with SEND

The Child Travel Project is an initiative by Reading Borough Council for students with SEND to receive Travel Training" to enable independent travel to and from school.

*This Project is not running at the moment*

Updated December 2022


Currently, a number of children are taken to and from school every day. This doesn’t give the children and young person the confidence, knowledge or necessary skills to travel independently.

What is it?

The Child Travel Project (CTP) is designed to enable children and young people to travel to and from school independently on a daily basis whilst also instilling them with the confidence and knowledge that they will be safe and able to do so.

How does it work?

A Community Play Worker who has experience of working with children with SEND and specific needs will meet the children and YP everyday for up to a period of 12 weeks, travelling with them to and from school.

Gradually, the Play Worker will reduce the amount of full independence training given and work from a distance.

Once ready, parents/carers complete a letter to confirm they are happy to travel independently.

How much does it cost

The costings are:

  • £40 per journey if it is 1 bus.
  • £50 per journey if it is 2 busses.
  • £50 per journey if 1 bus but goes out of Borough.
  • £60 per journey if its 2 busses and goes out of Borough.

 (From £80 per day up to £120 per day)

Who do I contact?

For further information please contact Kelvin Husbands


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Page last reviewed: 05/12/2022

Contact the Team

Family Information Service 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2

SEND Local Offer 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2

Adult & Carers Support 0118 937 3747 0118 937 3747
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