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Help your community get the facts on Vaccination - Be a Community Health Champion in Reading

As a Community Health Champion, you will:

  • Promote the importance of vaccination and encourage people in your community to make informed decisions on all vaccines (for example flu, measles, COVID)
  • Help those at risk to stay safe, healthy, and informed
  • Support residents to get vaccinated by signposting them to vaccine support services in Reading.
  • Attend information evenings with health professionals
  • Participate in champion’s network meetings
  • Bring your local understanding of your community and share perspectives with health partners – let us know what support is needed locally for your community to access health services including vaccines
  • Support the Public Health and Wellbeing Team to develop relevant health communications for your community
  • Support pop-up events organised by the Public Health and Wellbeing Team
  • Obtain and share accurate, up to date and consistent health related information with your community

Who can become a champion? 

Anyone passionate and interested in supporting their community.

We are especially keen to work with people who are in contact with residents with low vaccination uptake rates across the Borough. Rates are particularly low in some Chinese residents’ population, Black or Black African and Asian / Asian British Pakistani residents, including in younger adults aged between 20-35 years, and areas of Reading Central, Southampton Street & Redlands Road, Kennet Island, Palmer Park, Battle and Caversham Bridge.

How much time commitment will it require? 

Your level of contribution is up to you and your availability. It could be as simple as engaging in conversations each week with people you are already talking to. Though, if you have additional availability and can commit more time to sharing accurate and evidence-based messages, we would very much like to hear from you. 

We will aim to update you every two weeks via email/a newsletter with details of the current facts and figures about vaccination in Reading.

You will be invited to attend meetings online with other champions every three weeks, giving you the opportunity to get the latest vaccine related information, including updates from health professionals, data, and statistics, planned support services for residents, and give you the chance to ask questions.

What support will be available?

  •  Training will be provided to develop your knowledge and skills
  • A support package will be provided
  • You’ll have access to an online Vaccine Resources Toolkit
  • You’ll be a member of an active Community Health Champions Network

Next Step:

  If you would like to become a Community Health Champion
  Contact the Public Health and the Wellbeing Team on 07812462819 or e-mail