Wraparound & Holiday Childcare, Parent and Childcare Provider ‘Rights to Request’

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Wraparound and holiday childcare is important for working parents, where there is a lack of childcare, parents or childcare providers have the "Right To Request" with their school.


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What is Right to Request?

Right to Request is a policy set in place by the Government in May 2016. The purpose of this policy is to help working parents access wrap around care (breakfast, after school and holiday care) this is done by making more quality childcare available during the week and school holidays allowing parents to continue working. This means from May 2016 parents have the right to request wrap around care at their child’s school where none is available or a need is identified.

What is the schools responsibility?

Schools have a duty to be compliant with the policy and be familiar with its context. A copy of the policy can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/525135/Rights_to_request_guidance.pdf

Every school should have a document available to parents on their procedure and processes around the policy and set their own realistic number of requests they get before they have to look into their options. You should ask the school in first instance for a copy of the schools procedure in dealing with the Right to Request.

Schools should be clear about timescales, keep parents and providers informed at each stage, and give reasons for their approval or rejection of requests. Schools may want to ensure their governing body has strategic oversight of how the process is working.

What if they don’t have a Procedure?

In the first instance you would speak to the head and senior management at the school followed by the school Governing body. If that process doesn’t help move the request forward, then as a parent you can challenge the School with the Department of Education.

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