Vision Impairment - Registering your Sight Loss

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Registering as sight impaired

Getting in touch with your local council to register as sight impaired, or severely sight impaired, can open up a host of benefits.

What is registration?

“Registration” simply means being on your local social service’s register of people who are either severely sight impaired (blind) or sight impaired (partially sighted). It's voluntary and is completely confidential and your details won’t be shared.

It may help you to access certain benefits and or support from outside agencies. You may for example be eligible for a free bus pass, or reduced rates for either yourself or a carer at venues for example theatres, sport stadiums or historical sites. There is additional help for anyone registered severely sight impaired/blind, for example eligibility for a blue badge and an Income tax allowance.

The Adult Advice & Wellbeing Hub provides advice, support and services to adults who have a hearing or vision impairment, their families and carers. 

The Rehabilitation Officer for people with a visual impairment can provide a specialist assessment to anyone experiencing issues due to sight loss, where communication, independent living skills, orientation/ mobility, and use of TECH (Assisted Technology) can be addressed as well as signposting to outside agencies for appropriate support.

You can also contact this service for a Registration Card if you have already received a certificate of visually impaired (CVI) from the Hospital Eye Clinic.

If you have moved to Reading

If you have moved to Reading or moving to another authority and you are registered, your registration will need to be transferred to the local authority you have moved too.  If you have moved to Reading, please provide Advice & Wellbeing Team with your certificate and we will add you to the Reading Borough Council Register and send you a registration card.  

When we receive a Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) for a child we send out - this is not child specific

  • A standard letter addressed to parent or guardian
  • The Sensory Consortium Leaflet
  • RNIB standard booklet
  • A registration card

This service is provided to Reading residents by Reading Borough Council Tel: 0118 937 3747 Minicom: 0118 9373747 CSA Advice & Signposting

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Updated November 2022


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