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Personal Independence Payment

From April 2013 a new benefit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people with disabillities aged 16 to 64.

PIP is a non-means tested, tax-free payment that can be spent as the recipient chooses.
PIP is for disabled people aged 16 to 64 (known as working age) when they first claim.

Entitlement to PIP isn’t based on a person’s disability but on the help they may need because of their condition or disability. Personal circumstances will be taken into account and the impact a condition or disability has on an individual’s ability to live independently.

The payment is not means-tested and income and savings won’t affect entitlement to the payment. It can be claimed whether an individual is working or not.

Children up to the age of 16 will continue to get Disability Living Allowance.
PIP will replace Disability Living Allowance for everyone who is of working age – aged 16 to 64 – on the day that PIP is introduced. It will be brought in over three years.


New Personal Independence Payment (PIP) videos

 We have launched 5 videos to help people who are claiming, or are about to claim, PIP. The videos are also available with British Sign Language. The PIP videos provide information on:

  • who can claim
  • how to claim
  • what supporting information needs to be provided when making a claim
  • the face-to-face assessment
  • the decision process  

Organisations supporting or advising claimants are welcome to feature the videos on their websites or social media channels.

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 Page last reviewed: September 2021