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Reading's Local Offer will continually grow over time to ensure it provides a genuinely valuable resource for our children, young people and their families. If you have any ideas on how we can together improve and enhance the Local Offer, we’d love to hear from you, at localoffer@reading.gov.uk

Winners of the National Association of Family Information Services (NAFIS) Coram Family & Childcare award for Best Community Engagement 2022

Winners of the National Association of Family Information Service (NAFIS) Coram Family & Childcare award for 'Best SEND Local Offer' 2021

The Reading Services Guide is a directory of services providing information on Adults, Families (Family Information Service & SEND-Local Offer) and Youth.

As an ‘all services hub’ a single point to access ‘information’ for the whole family on line. The site has now become a primary source for families to access information, advice and guidance. Users are asked to provide feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve the website, we have evaluated and have actioned where possible some of the suggestions and recommendations (see below)

The Family Information Service - Local Offer - work closely with Reading Families Forum (RFF) and Special United to ensure the information on the Local Offer meets the needs of families in Reading

Note from the Chair of Reading Families Forum - "The Reading Local Offer team have provided excellent support to families giving advice and information to families and brokering support to stressed families in need.

The team are fantastic at co-producing with parent carers and young people. They proactively seek out parent carer views on the Local Offer, both with an annual survey and regular emails to parent carers. They also attend every meeting of Special United, Reading's youth forum for young people with SEND and their siblings, and provide information to young people and update the Local Offer with their views.

Feedback from families who seek information and advice is really positive. They have continued to attend events for parent carers and young people virtually throughout the pandemic and now in person to give information and seek feedback." Ramona Bridgman, Chair Reading Families Forum (November 2022) 

How to provide feedback on the SEND Local Offer

We would welcome feedback from parents, carers, children and young people using the SEND Local Offer to access services and support. This can be done by:-

Email Us - localoffer@reading.gov.uk

Contact Us - 0118 9373777 (option 2)

Complete the Survey - Click Here

All records listed in the Local Offer have a 'rate & review' option, feedback can be provided using this method.

Reading Services Guide – www.reading.gov.uk/sendlocaloffer - there is a 'Feedback' button available on all of the pages (right of the screen) 

You Said, We Did - 2015

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

You Said’

‘We did’

You wanted services to provide cost details (2015)

We have contacted service users and asked them to provide this information next time they update their service record. 

It would be useful to have a calendar or search by date facility (2015)

We have an events calendar on all sections of the directory including FIS, Adults and Youth.  Events can be searched using the calendar option.

Having added items to a shortlist, it’s not obvious how to view the list.  Can my list be named to ‘my shortlist? (2015)

We consulted with the system provider and have now changed the wording to ‘My Shortlist’

‘It is very “local authority” the phrase ‘local offer’.  This would mean nothing to me as a member of the public.

(2015) further updated (2016)

The phrase Local Offer is prescribed in the SEND Code Of Practice. Unfortunately we cannot rename this phrase.  However what we have done is link the local offer button to the SEN landing page, where users can read and find out about the local offer and can link that to special educational needs and disabilities.

We have now created an advice and guidance page explaining 'What is the Local Offer' as many parents have stated they would like a page telling them what this phrase means in terms of the Code of Practice. The page has been welcomed by parents.

Support for families who have a family member suffering from mental health problems

Under the ‘families’ section we have a search facility dedicated to mental health and the support services available locally and nationally. This information is also further supported by an advice and guidance page.

Signposting to national support agencies, helplines etc.

(2015) further developed in (2016)

The Reading Services Guide provides local and national support services where possible.  We are planning to review all the national organisations and create links via the advice and guidance pages.

We have further enhanced the information on local and national services. To make it an easier journey we have created a sub section which clearly guides the user to either 'National' or 'Local' support services

You said, ‘for individuals with limited competency of internet usage this could be confusing, if there is a facility to arrange time with an advisor for this purpose’

The FIS team are based within the Contact Centre and can easily assist client visiting RBC reception from 9am – 5pm. Staff based within Reading libraries have also been trained to assist users on the RSG.

Might be good to be able to read reviews about events, clubs and to have user rating system. (2015)

The Reading Services Guide has a ‘rate and review’ option available.  However, we are still reviewing the legal implications of publishing the review and ratings comments.   Once approved we will be looking to publish this information. Currently all review and ratings left by users are actioned and addressed by the RSG team.

You don’t mention the excellent Reading Advocacy Service in the Carers section (2015)

We have researched this service and this has been added to the Reading Services Guide.

Special Educational Needs – it's not always clear the best way to contact some of the services, e.g. when I have rung up about certain activities they often require Early Hub referrals to access, this seems to particularly apply to any services for respite. (2015)

To ensure users have access to comprehensive information about services listed on the Reading Services Guide, we are encouraging providers to provide referral criteria and access routes for families to use their service, this information is a requirement of local offer.  However, some services unfortunately do not provide us with the information.  We are proactively contacting these providers to gather this information so that it makes it a seamless process for families. We are also working closely with partner agencies for example, the children’s action team and early help hub, to ensure families can access services.

You Said, We Did - 2016

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Feedback from Reading Families Forum (RFF) Parent. (2016)

It's not always clear to the user that we have to click on the service link to access the full information on what they offer. 

This feedback highlighted the need to add some information on the service name listed so the end user is made aware that by clicking the name of the service will provide further information on what they offer. The following caption has been applied to the whole directory 'click here to view full details on this service'

Feedback from Reading Families Forum (RFF) Parent (2016)

The Carer's Assessment page needs to be reviewed to make it an easier read - clearer pathway to access the service. 

This information was fed back to the relevant team at the council, the page was re-visited and streamlined to make it an easier read for the end user. We were also asked to add a link to the Contact a Family - Carer's Assessment guidance document, which was added to the page. Because the directory is shared between children & adults all duplication was removed and we now only have one page on Carer's Assessment which is shared within the directory.

Parent Feedback (2016)

There are a lot of acronyms used within the local offer and I appreciate that you can't display the full words every time, however is there any way you can make it easier for people like me who are new to the SEND world.

We now have a glossary app as part of the system, where the back office function allows us to add an acronym - with the full meaning, therefore when the end user put's their mouse over the word it will provide the full meaning. This function is available throughout the directory.

Parent Feedback (2016)

Can some of the categories within the local offer be split further? Currently the heading take us in to a full list of services, sub categories would be really helpful.

This year we went through all the categories and have refined them to provide sub sections. The following areas now have sub heading s to give the user an easier, more accessible journey when looking for a service.

Education, Schools & Services - Special Needs Support - Health & Social Care - Transition 16-25 - Special Needs Activities

All of the above now have sub sections which provides a smoother search journey.

Parents Feedback (2016)

The DISC Newsletter is the best thing the council do to provide information to families, and keeping us informed on activities, support and new legislation etc. especially as I am new to the SEND world. One parent commented 'it's a life line' for me and my family. 

The DISC Newsletter is in it's seventh year of publication. It has grown significantly in size and distribution, and is very popular with families. The DISC Newsletter is a collation of information from the Local Offer provided in an alternative format, which many families prefer. Alongside this we keep families up to date with weekly 'updates' which covers events, activities, support services etc. 

Parent Feedback (2016)

2 Year Funding Page - Parents wanted a prominent link to the on line application form (Citizen Portal). We currently have a highlighted link. 

We consulted with our IT providers of the Reading Services Guide and came up with a solution parents liked a green box on the right of the screen, this links directly to the application form. We also made sure the 2 year funding logo would also link to the application form. This page now has all the information a parent/carer would need to access a 2 year funded place.

Autism Partnership Board & Parent Feedback (2016

What is Autism? This is an advice & guidance page set up to provide general information on Autism. However feedback was that more information was needed and for the page to be slightly re-worded and to incorporate local links.

Reading Families Forum (RFF) and other voluntary organisations in Reading reviewed the page. The information was streamlined and useful links to national and local organisations was added. 

Page completed in December 2016

You Said, We Did - 2017

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Carers Advice & Support Section on the Local Offer (January 2017)

Parent Volunteers were asked to review the Carers Advice & Support section on the Local Offer. 

On first inspection I was surprised to see that Parent Partnership had not been listed. After more in-depth reading, I found it had been mentioned by its new name 'Reading Information, Advice and Support Service for SEN' in the Disagreements, Mediation, Tribunals and Appeals category. This service has been the most beneficial to me personally as a carer and I wonder if it should have its own category to itself to explain everything that it can provide.

There were a lot of services included for people with autism. However, there didn't seem to be as much information or services for people with ADHD (or some of the other conditions like downs syndrome). It might be useful to include a list of more specialised services for some of the other conditions too if they are indeed available. 

We have now set up a dedicated advice & guidance page which explains in detail the support Reading SEND IASS provides. This page has been tagged throughout the Local Offer to ensure users can find it easily. (February 2017)

We have enhanced the support information for ADHD, however there are limitations on what is available in the community for it to be listed on the Local Offer. We are planning on enhancing the support information on other conditions (February 2017)

Short Breaks - Section on the Local Offer - Review by Parent Volunteers - (February 2017)

1.If you click Reading short breaks the Appleberry care Ltd, differs from the other boxes in that there is no post code at the top and also it says Appleberry Care Ltd, Appleberry care. (Not sure it needs the Appleberry care Ltd as this is already at the top.

2.Click SEND short breaks, then at the bottom of the page, under heading Voluntary organisations short breaks it says Berkshire Autistic Society with their web address - should say Autism Berkshire 

1. The postcode was missing and therefore was differing from the other record. We have now added the correct postcode to the record, this has resolved the issue identified. (February 2017)

2. This has been amended, and it is now hyper-linked too, this will provide a more efficient user journey. The Reading Mencap link was also done at the same time as they sit together. (February 2017)



Short Breaks - Section on the Local Offer - Review by Parent Volunteers - (March 2017)

1 - I noticed that some of the website links had been omitted. For example, there was no link to a website for Appleberry Care or the Autism Berkshire groups. Although I found the websites myself through a google search, it may still be beneficial to others to have the website link attached. 

2 - The only thing I did wonder about was if there was any other companies that could be included that specialised in holidays for disabled families (or would this information be available in another section of the website). It is very hard to find suitable locations/resorts to take away disabled children/adults away. It would be nice to find a list somewhere of disabled/special needs/autistic friendly holidays where families could feel they could have a short break away together.

3 -  Although a lot of short breaks are listed it doesn't always make it clear how they are funded 

1 - The missing links have now been rectified and added to both records.

2 - With regards the specialist holiday information, we do provide this on the Local Offer it’s located under Special Needs Activities - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/family.action?familychannel=3-11 called Supported Holidays. This is a popular section with families. However after parent feedback we have added a link to the special needs activities page and the supported holiday under Short Breaks, hopefully this will make it easier for users to access the information.

3 - We have now added a filter names 'RBC Funded' users can used this filter to narrow down services funded by Reading Borough Council and those that are offered through community, faith and voluntary organisations.

Parents review of the Special Needs Activities section on the Local Offer (March 2017)

Parent volunteers reviewed this section to ensure there was good quality information, there was enough information on services avaiable and if suggest any improvements.

It all looks very informative actually, can't see anything much to improve on this time. (March 2017)

Parents review of the Special Needs Activities section on the Local Offer (May 2017)

Having looked at the special needs activities section I found it very comprehensive with a lot of information under each sub heading . I found it very easy to navigate.

One thing I found that I think would improve it for the user is to have a filter to check if the club / group / holiday club will deal with personal care . It would save the user ringing or mailing every contact on the list to check. 

We have now added a filter under 'Supporting people with:' named Personal Care, so that users can use this filter to narrow down their searches quickly and efficently.

Parents review of the Special Needs Activities section on the Local Offer (May 2017)

1. If there is enough information for parent/carers in this section?

Absolutely, I thought this was a detailed comprehensive guide of clubs and activities. I thought it was also very useful to of spilt the section into 5 sub categories and also have the use of the the filter system if you are looking for something more specific.

2.What information is missing?

I couldn't find any club or activities that had been left out. All clubs and groups that I have attended or know about had been included. I also found it useful to use the 'search for keywords' to help me find a particular group that I was looking for. It was good that dates and times had been stated on activities where applicable. I would use it for future reference as I often forget the day and exact times of the groups. 

3.What else would you like to see?

I'm not sure if you think this information is relevant or what section it could be included in but many family 'Days out' (such as Legoland, Buckleberry Farm etc) offer a reduction in price for either the disabled person or their carer. Most theme parks offer an exit pass system where disabled children can bypass the large queues so they can still access the park. This information could possibly be mentioned somewhere as not every family would be aware.

Feedback to question 3 - We have now set up a 'Days Out' section under Special Needs Activities, we have recently had several request for days out options to be available on the Local Offer, therefore we have actioned this request to ensure families have access to this information on the Local Offer. The same request was also made by young people at the Reading Families Forum - Youth Group. May 2017

Link to page - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/family.action?familychannel=3-11 

Parents review of the Education, Schools & Services section on the Local Offer (June 2017)

I've had a good look round this section and there is lots of good information on there. It's all seems very user friendly.  I put a few searches in the search engine and the information I was looking for came up. 

One thing I did notice was an out of date download is attached , it may be you have regular reminders in place at your end to check for things like this?

This guide is out of date as it makes reference to Enrych, Enrych have not had the contract for administration since 31/3/17, it is now managed in house so needs amending to reflect the up to date details. 

We contacted the internal team responsible for producing the guide, this has been updated and the new version has been uploaded to the 'Personal Budgets' page listed on the Local Offer.

Parent Feedback - requesting a section under Special Needs Support specifically covering benefits and financial help available to families (October 2017) 

We consulted Reading Families Forum on what we should name this section, feeback was to keep it meanigful - Benefits & Finance. Section set up under Special Needs Support and populated the search with services and supporting the information with advice and guidance pages.

Request from Parents - wanted a category that can be searchable in the Carers Advice & Support for Young Carers (October 2017)

A new sub category was set up as requested to help users find the information on young carers for efficiently - click to view section. 

Parent carer and peer review feedback - Wheel Chair Accessbile filter to make the search more accessible (November 2017)

During a peer review process with West Sussex, parent carers identified that searching for a service which is wheel chair accessible is'nt easy at present under the Local Offer. The filter is available and searchable under 'supporting people with....' however this is not easy to find in the filter section.

We have actioned the feedback provided and have now added a seperate filter which is easily accessible through the directory, with a one quick filter option. (November 2017)

Parent Feedback - it was requested that a easier feedback option on the Local Offer would work better to encourage parent carers to give feedback quickly (November 2017)

We have now added a 'Feedback' button which can be accessible on all the pages. The form is easy to complete and can be submitted directly to the Family Information Service/Local Offer. A call back can be requested from this form, along with further information. We will still keep all the other feedback options available on the Local Offer including the rate & review (December 2017)

You Said, We Did - 2018

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Parent review of the Transitions 16-25 section on the Local Offer - Main Landing page - 

1.Under the first section you come to about transitions, could it refer to involving leaving college and moving to employment as well as leaving school and moving to adult social care etc?

2.First bullet point under the introduction refers to statements not EHCPs.

Second bullet point - would be good to be specific that young people should be involved as well as family

3. SEND employment sections refers to having a learning disability but could include any special educational need or disability, I would think. It goes on to mention the blind charity etc.

(March 2018)  

Points 1, 2 and 3 raised by parent carers are now updated - link to the page - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/family.action?familychannel=3-10 

Parent review of the Transitions 16-25 section on the Local Offer 

I have taken a look at the site and I think that a lot of work has gone into this. There are clearly lots of useful links and resources and each time I thought of something and search for it I found it.

The exception, and it could be that it's there but I didn't find it, is to explain what happens to someone who has an existing EHCP at this transition stage.

(March 2018)

The query from the parent carer was raised with the Manager of the SEND Service - ‘We have a draft policy around transition to adulthood focussed on social care which covers some aspects of young people on EHCPs’. The draft policy will be reviewed by one of the groups within the SEND Strategy (transitions to adulthood) for agreement. Therefore it is work in progress.

Parent was updated on the progress, and will be informed once published on the Local Offer.

Parent feedback on the Local Offer - Carers Section - Babble carers link doesn't work on the record listed on the Local Offer

(May 2018)

Thank you for providing feedback on the young carers section. We have amended the record and removed ‘Babble’, it’s also been taken down from the Carers Trust website. We have replaced it with another website ‘youngcarer.info’, please see link below.

Support for Young Carers


Parent Feedback on the Local Offer - Children's Action Team, advice and guidance page, and Educational Psychology Team/Services 

There are no longer 13 children's centres and Ed Psychs are now part of Education. PASS worker link doesn't work either.

(May 2018)

We have removed the 13 CC from the CAT page and replaced with 4 clusters, the Children Centre area is all up to date, unfortunately this link was missed. The link to the PASS worker record, this service is no longer available – record was archived on the 08/08/2017, unfortunately we forgot to remove the link! Well spotted!

We have also updated the Educational Psychology information, and have removed the links from the CAT record, along with Portage PMHW and the ASD Service, they still have their individual service records. We also found out that they offer a Sensory Integration Service – new record created on the Local Offer - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=bW67tJ2kKcY

Reading Families Forum (RFF)- Steering Group Meeting

It was raised at the RFF meeting that collectively we need to raise awareness of the Health Checks 14+ that GP offer all young people who have additional needs. More information on the Local Offer was suggested.

(May 2018)

In order to ensure the information we publish comes from the NHS, we checked the NHS Choices syndication portal where we can access advice and guidance pages written by NHS professionals, these can be published on the Local Offer. The following NHS page has been published on the Local Offer which provides good information about the Health Checks - http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/reading/directory/advice.page?id=PdIRjGg9kso

Parent review of the Early Years & Childcare section of the Local Offer.

'It would be good to have more information about support in the early stages of diagnosis such as the diagnosis support service run by PSC, chatterbox is a charity I recently heard of that do speech therapy and then there is the speech therapy drop  at children’s centres and FAMILY at children’s centres.'

(May 2018) 

We took the feedback from parents wanting more information about 'Support in Early Years' and have now set up a dedicated sub section under the Early Years & Childcare, where parent carers can find out more about SEND support services for 0-5, including those provided by Children Centres, Parenting Special Children, BHFT etc. Supporting advice & guidance pages also added to this new section.

Link to the new section - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/family.action?familychannel=3-14

Feedback from parent - This looks so good  - wish it had been around when xxxxx was little, all the things a parent needs to know!

Parent review of the Early Years & Childcare section of the Local Offer.

I've looked several times at the Early Years & Childcare section. I'm impressed with the amount of information it contains and it certainly provides a useful reference guide. It looks particularly helpful if you are looking for childcare or other service provisions as you can see it all in the one place.

(June 2018)

Q1) I think there's plenty of information for parent/carers in this section

Q2) I'm now aware of anything that's missing

Q3) The only other thing I'd like to see is keeping it as simple as possible, which is difficult as some of it's quite complicated! Are people who are maybe finding it confusing able to call the FIS and talk through their situation? Might be helpful if the sections offered a telephone number if appropriate. Family Information Service contact details have been added to the landing page for parent carers to use if they need further assistance in accessing childcare.



Parent Feedback on the Local Offer Disc Newsletter

You know you ask for feedback - I was wondering if you think it would be a good idea to put on the general local offer newsletter/pre 16+ local Offer Disc newsletter  at the beginning something like: We also have a newsletter for 16+ with lots of information for this age group if you can't find what you are looking for here. (July 2018)


We have amended the front page of the Local Offer Disc Newsletter ready for the next publication to inlcude a link to the Local Offer Disc Newsletter 16+ this will make it easier for young people and their parent carers to find the 16+ newsletter more efficently.

Parent Carer Feedback - reviewing the Health & Social Care section of the Local Offer

BHFT only provide OT, physio and speech and language to over 5s who have an EHCP and only provide this in the school setting. (September 2018)

This is a Berkshire Health Foundation Trust (BHFT) record and link goes straight to their website, the information is harvested directly from the source, therefore BHFT need to update the information on their platforms. BHFT informed of the feedback.

Parent Carer Feedback - review of the Health & Social Care section of the Local Offer.

CYPDT are now only for 0 - 18s

(September 2018)

Consulted with the CYPDT Manager, and the information on the Local Offer has been updated. Further review of this page is planned in for December 2018

Parent Carer Feedback - review of the Health & Social Care section

Parent wanted clearer guidance on what RBH and BHFT offer in terms of the therapies

(November 2018)

FIS/SEND Local Offer contacted colleagues at RBH & BHFT, these included OT, physio's and speech & language therapists for further clarity, the information was then updated on the SEND Local Offer, parents were informed.

Parent feedback at an outreach event on a service the family have used for their 16 year old son who has additional needs.

Parent had used the The National Citizen Service Programmeand how it helped her son, he really enjoyed attending and the young person would recommend NCS to other youn people with additional needs.

(November 2018)

We already had NCS listed on the Reading Services Guide, however after receiving such positive feedback, we contacted NCS to find out more. They offered a fantastic programme for young people with additional needs. The record was updated and tagged to the SEND Local Offer.

Parent Carer & Professionals feedback.

Parent Carers and Professiionals fed back that they really like the Pollicies, Pathways and Documents page, however it was getting longer and harder view the information.

(November 2018)

We reviewed the page, and have now added Concertina styling to help with the user journey. Originally we had two headings, Local & National. Through parent feedback, we have now added an additional concertina, where there is information specifically for parent carers and young people.

Parent Carer Feedback on the Transport section of the Local Offer

I’ve just had a look at the transport section of the local offer.

All looks good , lots of information and very thorough . One thing I picked up on was under the section “Child Travel Project - for students with send” , under the sub heading “how much does it cost “ it has asterisk’s next to the amounts quoted which I’m reading as there should be a footnote/explanation to accompany it? I might be wrong but that’s how I read it and was looking for further information on the costs,  in particular who funds it the LEA or the parent.

(December 2018)

We contacted the Lead SEN & Schools Ranger to get further clarity on the criteria, this information was then updated on the SEND Local Offer.

You Said, We Did - 2019

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer. 

You Said’

‘We did’

Parent carers reviewed the Transport section of the SEND Local Offer.

The pages look good thank you. All links go to the most up to date RBC school transport policy

Other points:

  • The school transport is not "discretionary" but statutory.
  • There are no longer statements just EHCPs
  • The links to the Reading Wheelchair Travel and Transport for London Elizabeth line don't work and throw you out of the Local Offer.

(January 2019)

All points raised in the feedback were actioned and updated on the SEND Local Offer.

A new link was sourced for the Wheel Chair transport

Voluntary Organisation Feedback - they wanted to see more information on Day Services for young people 16+. The Adults directory had information but they wanted details of services for young people.

(February 2019)

We researched the information and worked alongside the voluntary organisation, parent carers and colleagues from the adults team. With the information gathered, we created a sub section under Transition 16-25 section on the SEND Local Offer, named Day Services, all available services were tagged under this section for parent carers to access.

Feedback from Parent Carer about mental health support and services available for young people. The information is currently available on the SEND Local Offer, under Special Needs Support. However the parent carer wanted the information to be more accessible, by adding a 'green' box like we have done for other categories.

(March 2019)

We took the feedback from the parent and actioned the request. A new sub category box was created under the Special Needs section, called Mental Health.

Feedback from Parent Carers - Reading Lesiure Centres - There needs to be clearer information about what they offer to children and young people with additional needs on their website, and publications.

(March 2019)

Followed up with the Reading Leisure team, they have now added the following on to their website.

Our activities are suitable for all abilities and are intended to be inclusive for children and young people with SEND, and their families. Please contact your chosen centre directly if you wish to discuss individual requirements.

The above has also been added to their record available to parent carers on our SEND Local Offer

Parent carer feedback at the Living With Autism Group (LWA) organised by Jenna, BFfC. Outreach event.

We did a talk to 18 parent carers about the SEND Local Offer. The topic today was Sensory, which fitted in nicely as we are currently reviewing the Sensory section of the SEND Local Offer. 11 parent enquires for further information and support were taken. One parent fed back that they really like the regular 'information' emails sent out by Local Offer, and finds the information very helpful, however suggested we add 'Local Offer' in the subject type for her to easily identify emails from us, this ensures she will read them. The information does go out from the local offer inbox, however on a smart device having the wording in the subject type would really help.

(March 2019)

We now add 'Local Offer' in the subject then the name of the event/activity to help parent carers access the information more efficently.

Parent Carer Feedback - wanted to find out where they can access a copy or information on easy to read guide to local elections. 

(April 2019)

We currently did not have this information in our 16-25 section of the SEND Local Offer. After this request, we have now uploaded links on the 16-25 section landing page, and also added to the Policies page.



Parent Carer Feedback from reviewing the Sensory Impairment page on the SEND Local Offer.

The sensory section looks very good to me - I like the way it defines it at the beginning ie sight and hearing.  I did wonder, as a lot of autistic children suffer from sensory issues like noise, smell, crowds, lighting - which effects behaviour - whether something could be mentioned - otherwise it seems it is just hearing and sight according to your page.  Maybe Autism Berkshire might have a view on this?  perhaps they would be willing to be mentioned for advice and Parenting Special Children.

(April 2019)

Based on the feedback provided, we have added a link to the Autism Berkshire and Parenting Special Children pages on the Local Offer. We have also emailed both organisations to review the page and to provide feedback.

Sensory Impairment and ‘what is sensory impairment’ pages, in accordance with the feedback we received http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/reading/directory/advice.page?id=yjdblhTe_x0

Parent Carer Feedback - 

The common questions and information section on the Contact website looks really good and might be a useful resource to have on the our Local Offer.

(April 2019)

We updated and reviewed the information we had on Readings Local Offer about 'Contact', update the core information, and added a link to the Common Question tool on their website - http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=pNEdmuhpMeE&familychannel=3 

Parent Feedback - Whilst attending the Pathalogical Demand Avoidance (PDA) event organised by Parenting Special Children, it was bought to our attention we need to create a record which provided information to parent carers about PDA. Parent fed back that they would really like more information on the Local Offer baout PDA.

(April 2019)

New advice and guidance page create - http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/reading/directory/advice.page?id=M4aqLevqRMY What is Pathalogical Demand Avoidance (PDA)?


Parent Carer Feedback - feedback from parent carers that they would like a dedicated section under Health & Social care listing Home Care Provider who offer a service to under 25 year olds. 

(April 2019)

We took on this feedback and have now set up a dedicated search box (green box) under health & social care, which includes details of services parent carers and young people can access. http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/family.action?familychannel=3-13

Parent Carer Feedback - review of the Sensory section of the SEND Local Offer.

Had a detailed look at some of the links and they all seem fine apart from the only one I would query is under speech and language , downloads. The programme is out of date.

(May 2019

The programme was a pdf document, which is date sensitive. To avoid having out of date information on this section, we have now added a link directly to the Children Centre's landing page on the Reading Services Guide, where the information is udpated and reviewed on a regular basis.

Parent Carer and Professionals review of the current Care Passport.

Parent carers who complete the children & young peoples disability register, then have the option to complete and use the care passport. Parent carers fed back that some of the questions needed to be reviewed and updated, we also took this opportunity to update the logo and replace with the BFfC branding. The care passport was reviewed by Reading Families Forum, staff from RBC and BFfC, and voluntary sector organisation. (June 2019)

We started the review process around March 2019, held some workshops, and task and finish groups with parent carers and professionals. The final version was signed off by the SEND Strategy Group, and the new version was updated on the live site in June 2019.

Feedback from Reading Families Forum (RFF)

Suggestion to add an organisation called Tree of Hope to the SEND Local Offer. The Chair of RFF and FIS/SEND Local Offer looked in to the organisations offer, and how there service could help Reading families

A record was created on the SEND Local Offer - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=2yFR8aF-LUo

Feedback from Reading Families Forum. 

It was identified at the Strand 4, Transitions to Adulthood that there was a resource available through an organsiation called Speak Up Self Advocacy. This resource would benefit young people as they offer easy read documents.

(September 2019)

A record was created on the Local Offer, providing information to parent carer and young people. This information is also added to the SEND Local Offer 16+ newsletter, which is widely used by further educational settings and schools.

Link to the record on the Local Offer - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=NwIs2Od1VoM

Feedback from Reading Families Forum

Parent carer fed back that it would be really useful to have Nasen listed on the Local Offer. Nasen provides training, resources etc to help practitioners working with children and young people with SEND.

(September 2019)

Record created on the Local Offer, link also sent to the Early Years team, to cascade to childcare settings. Link to the record on the Local Offer - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=jyIqMK3CZRw

Feedback from Reading Familes Forum - Parent Carers

Parent carers wanted information about the mental health, and emotional health support service for Reading children who attend a West Berkshire school, or have a West Berkshire GP service.

(October 2019)

We spoke to the triage coordinator at Emotional Health Academy (EHA) and they confirmed that a free triage service was available to children and young people who live in Reading but attending a West Berkshire School, or are accessing a West Berkshire GP service. 

Based on this information we now have information available on Reading's Local Offer, informing parent carers about this service.

Education Health & Care Plans (EHCP) 

Reading Families Forum worked with the Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer and SEN to review the information on the Local Offer about EHCP's 

(November 2019)

The following pages were reviewed, to ensure the information was up to date and accurate for parent carers accessing the SEND Local Offer.




Royal Berkshire Hospital - Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Dingley Child Development Centre 

Parent carers (Reading Families Forum) fed back that they wanted clear links and referral process for the RBH OT, this was followed up with staff at RBH and BHFT to firstly make sure the referral process was on their own websites, and it was clear which service the parent carer could access. 

(November 2019)

Referral process was added to the RBH website on the Dingley pages, a link was then added to their record listed on the Local Offer, and the record was further enhanced to make it an easier read, with appropriate links.

Link to the record on the Local Offer - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=5GWDfxOaQsA

Feedback from professional (SENCO)

Child that is currently attending a setting who is a wheelchair user, the child is due to start mainstream school in September 2020, and will have an EHCP in place before then. The SENCO has been supporting the family to find a primary school in Reading that is fully wheelchair accessible, however without calling every school she would find it hard to access this information. The SENCO contacted FIS/Local Offer for help.

(December 2019)

We had a number of schools who had stated on their record listed on the Local Offer about wheelchair accessibility. However the parent carer and professional wanted an easier more efficient way to search and and identify this information. FIS/Local Offer, contacted all the primary schools and requested this information. The wheelchair accessible filter was ticked on all the schools who were fully wheelchair accessible, so that users can easily filter out these schools.

New Me2 Club in Reading.

For many years parent carers and young people have been asking for a club like Me2 to be available in Reading. The club was available in our neigbouring borough Wokingham and is very popular with young people. 

(December 2019)

Parent carers and young people have been asking for the Me2 Club for many years, and through the hard work of RFF and BFfC bidding for the project to expand in to Reading, our children and young people can now take advance of this fabulous project.

Link to the record on the Local Offer, where you can find out more about Me2 - http://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=E0hgCZUGA4I

You Said, We Did - 2020

Feedback received from parent carers, young people and practitioners using Reading's SEND Local Offer. 

You Said’

‘We did’

Parent carers requested we create another filter under Short Break, so that they can eaily filter out short breaks that are funded by BFfC. We already have a filter set up for services that are RBC funded.

(January 2020) 

A new filter has been set up on the Local Offer, that will be used under Short Break (or any other area) where a service is funded by BFfC this filter will be ticked, so that parent carers can easily identify funded services.

Parent carer reviewing the clubs & groups section of the Local Offer - One parent carer asked if the Reading Mencap - Saturday Youth Club would provide personal care (toileting assistance) as the filter was not ticked. 

(February 2020)

We contacted Reading Mencap who were very helpful, the clubs manager informed us that - We are able to offer personal care, however we assess each childs needs, ensuring we are able to offer a suitable ratio of support from our staff. The 'personal care' and toileting assitance' filters have now been ticked, and the above note has been included in the description, on the clubs record listed on the Local Offer.

Parent carer and professionals feedback - We had noticed an increase in requests from parent carers and professionals asking for Equine therapy.

(February 2020)

With the increase in requested we sourced local Equine therapy services in the Berkshire area, and have included this information as part of the Local Offer.

Parent Carer feedback - Short Breaks - we had feedback from parent carers that it would be useful to have a SEN Type filter under the short breaks section, to make the search easier. 

(March 2020)

New SEN Type filter was applied to the search funtion under short breaks, these included universal, targeted and specialist. This information will also appear on the service record. 

Parent Carer Feedback - Due to COVID-19 parent carers want to be able to quickly search for key worker childcare, support services that are still offering support etc. 

(March/April 2020)

We contacted our system vendors, and asked them to create a filter 'Coronavirus Status' which we could use, so that users can easily access services that are open, and find out which are currently closed, and those offeirng online support. We also set up a dedicated Key Workers' Childcare page, where all the open settings were listed in setting type and postcode area. We had fantastic feedback from parent carers using this page to access key worker childcare.

Parent Carer Feedback - Due to the lockdown, parent carers wanted a SEND Local Offer Newsletter which provided all the services for SEND that were open, offering on line support, learning, activities etc. Parent carers find the newsletter a very easy read to accessing information quickly.

(May 2020)

FIS / SEND Local Offer, pulled together information from the Local Offer, provided by services, and created a SEND Local Offer COVID-19 update. This newsletter will be updated and sent out monthly. And will be published on the Local Offer - https://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=lcc_7CWKv_8 

During COVID - 19 - Feedback from Reading Families Forum - parent carers wanted a list of Online sessions for SEND children

(June 2020)

There were lots of resources on the Local Offer since March 2020, about on line sessions, however the families wanted dedicated sessions, help them through the summer break, and for those children and young people who are currently not at school. FIS/SEND Local Offer - collated all the online sessions available for SEND children and young people. Published on the Local Offer and sent to the Reading Families Forum to share with families. 

Parent Carer Feedback - they wanted more information on the SEND Local Offer about SEND Definitions. There was an advice and guidance page on this information, however there was a request to enhance the information. 

(July 2020)

FIS/SEND Local Offer co-produced the following page with Reading Families Forum (RFF) to make sure all relevant information was covered and available to families. https://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/advice.page?id=MFHv1jQxyoo

FIS/SEND Local Offfer will update and refresh the information on this page, in partnership with RFF

Parent carer and young people feedback on the current SEND Local Offer logo. 

The current logo has been in place since 2015, however feedback was that it need a refresh, make it more vibrant, and the name 'Local Offer should be more prominent.

(September 2020)

October 2020 - results published) 

Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC) designed x3 new logo's for the SEND Local Offer. These were then sent out for a vote to parent carers, young people, schools, community and voluntary organisation, supporting local families. 

Results of the survey can be viewed here. Option 2 was the winner

Parent carer feedback on improving the user journey to access half term and school holiday short breaks information. 

Parent carers ask for a 'short list' to be added to the Short Breaks landing page, or an alternative option to highlight the half term and holiday short break offers

(October 2020)

We already have a 'Panel' app we use in other areas of the SEND Local Offer and FIS. Therefore, we set up a dedicated panel just for the October 2020 half term short breaks. 

Parent carers fed back this was 'brilliant', they found it easy to use, access the short breaks offers and use the information to book a place with the short breaks provider. We will be setting up 'panels' for every holiday and half term short break offers from now on. 

Parent carer and professionals feedback - the current leaflets we had on the SEND Local Offer, needed updating and reviewing. After we had replaced the new logo, it made sense to update the poster and postcards for parent carers and for professionals to use.

(November 2020)

Parent carers had spent time, making sure the wording on the publications was accessible for parent carers (RFF had done a lot of research in to this) which was used on the old publication. Therefore it was agreed we would not change the wording too much, however update the look and feel, match the BFfC branding and create a fresher more vibrant look. 

New SEND Local Offer Poster - https://search3.openobjects.com/mediamanager/reading/enterprise/files/send_local_offer_poster_november_2020_v1.pdf

New SEND Local Offer Postcard - https://search3.openobjects.com/mediamanager/reading/enterprise/files/send_local_offer_postcard_november_2020_v2_-_web.pdf

Feedback from Reading Families Forum - RFF sent out a survey to parents of children in the early years about what was working for them and what they would like to improve.

'The Local Offer is really good but some found out by accident - through a friend of a friend in one case! FIS staff are very helpful.'

(November 2020)

We have a Strand 1 - Communication group with parent carer representation , as part of the SEND Strategy, to improve communication for SEND. 

The new logo, poster and postcards will also further help raise the profile of the SEND Local Offer.

We are proactively working with key partners, to ensure they inform parent carers about the Local Offer.

New Look SEND Local Offer news letter - https://search3.openobjects.com/mediamanager/reading/enterprise/files/send_newsletter_-_winter_2020_-_final.pdf

Feedback from parent carer. Parent carers really like the SENS Local Offer newsletter, however we have had feedback comment - 'Make the newsletter easier to read'. 'Formatting is confused and very hard to scan through and find what’s relevant.

Above are just some of the feedback received from parent carers.

(December 2020)

What we have done to improve the Look and Feel of the newsletter. The Brighter Futures for Children communication 

and marketing team, helped us review and refresh the newsletter to make it more accessible

user friendly and organise the information more clearly for our readers. 

Here is the link to the new look SEND Local Offer Winter news letter - 


You Said, We Did - 2021

You Said’

‘We did’

Parent carers informed us that they wanted a link to EHCP information under the Special Needs support section of the SEND Local Offer

(January 2021)

A short link was created and added to the Special Needs Support section under the description.

Parent Carer - Review of the Special Needs Support section of the SEND Local Offer.

Parent carers asked for a more local group for Down Syndrome 

Emotional Health Academy is on the Local Offer which is just for children at some West Berks schools. The Reading version is the Mental Health Support Team - Can this be made more accessible?

Carers Assessment and support information - could link to the national information about parent carer needs assessments? 

SEND pre-diagnosis - would be good to include Portage if possible please Portage has been added?

(February 2021)

West Berkshire Down’s Syndrome Group Down2Us record has been created  http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=DhzpFqDs2Jk&familychannel=3

Emotional Health Academy is also for Reading children attending a West Berkshire school, and some parents have requested we keep this information on Reading's Local Offer. The Mental Health Support Team (MHST) is an A&G page rather than a searchable at the request of the service provider – These are now linked to the main special needs support landing page, to make it easier for parent carers to access. We have also created a 'search' page at the request of parent carers for the MHST record, as they find it easier to access the information through the searches

Carers Assessment - link added to the national information, as requested by parent carers reviewing the information 


Portage information added to the SEND Pre-diagnosis section.

Parent Carer Feedback - through the Reading Families Forum - parent carer requested we added a link to the Council for Disabled Children (CDC) website where Amy story explains clearly about what to expect at an EHCP and Annual Review. Parent carers found this information very useful and easy to understand

(February 2021)

Two new links below added to the Education Health & Care Plans (EHCP) - Annual Review Process page.



Parent Carer Feedback - parent carers were asked to review the Special Needs Support section of the SEND Local Offer. 

Feedback form sent to all parent carers (25/01/2021)

Parent carer feedback was that they wanted a section on the Local Offer where they can access 'Parent to Parent Support'. 

Parent carers also wanted 'blogs' from key service providers including statutory services and those provided by the community and voluntary sector.

(March 2021)

Co-produced with Reading Families Forum - a new section was created on the SEND Local Offer - called Parent to Parent Support

There is a dedicated landing page, attached to that is the 'Blog' advice and guidance page. 

This section will be co-managed with parent carers, as the purpose is that parent carers can access parent-to-parent support groups. 

Services listed under this section have been selected by parent carers.

Parent carer feedback - Review of the Transition 16 - 25 section of the SEND Local Offer. 

Feedback form sent to all parent carers requesting feedback on the (20/04/2021)

I have had a look - there is a real wealth of information, impressive.

Some of the links could be better placed in the advice pages, more services under independent living would be good.

Day Services good

Employment button good

Things to do good too

(April 2021)

Transition 16 - 25 -  links were moved to better locations as requested by parent carers, this enables the parent carer journey to access the information easier.

More information on services supporting independent living was requested. FIS/Local Offer will research more services that can support young people in Reading. 

Parent carer feedback - Review of the Transition 16 - 25 section of the SEND Local Offer. 

Parent carer, who also works for a SEND support organisation in Reading.

I thought that the information you had on Reading Local Offer was helpful. I wondered if you would consider highlighting those pages on FIS/SEND Local Offer Facebook page as would be good for parent/Carers to see what was available on local offers. I would share on our Facebook page.

I wonder if other FIS has the same info on their website pages. I know that Reading liaises with other local FIS/SEND Local Offer.

More promotion of information for young adults and parents/Carers 19-25 would be really good.

(May 2021) 

Posted some information on the FIS and SEND Local Offer Facebook pages, to raise awareness of the Transition 16-25 section on the SEND Local Offer. The organisation shared out the post on their Facebook page.

We have put together a guide 16+ which I have diarised to share on mid May, here is the link - http://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/reading/directory/service.page?id=w2dtpLKv968&familychannel=3-10-4 and we have a dedicated section allocated in the Summer SEND Local Offer Newsletter, all about transitions, which is due out on the 28th June 2021

We are currently reviewing the Transitions 16-25 section of the SEND Local Offer, and parent carers have been asked to provide feedback, either through RFF or directly. The parent carer was invited to attend the SEND Local Offer review meeting group.

FIS/SEND Local Offer recently had a meeting with Katie Laws, who is working on the transitions to adulthood SEND strand, one of the outcomes was for FIS/SEND Local Offer to attend the adult's full team meeting (booked 19th May) talk about the Local Offer and how we can all look at improving transitions. 

Agreed to keep the parent carers and the organisation updated on outcomes. 

Parent Carer Feedback - via Reading Families Forum (RFF).

The new Activate Learning brochure was sent out to parent carers - SUPPORTED LEARNING COURSES INFORMATION GUIDE 2021-22 - it was highlighted to FIS/SEND Local Offer by the parent carer that the brochure did not provide information about wheelchair accessibility, changing/hoist facilities and if they offerered mainstream courses for those with physical disabilities.

(May 2021)

FIS/SEND Local Offer followed up on this feedback through colleagues in Elevate, and the Activate Learning team. 

The college responded with the actions below.

Thank you for the feedback regarding our new supported learning brochure for Activate Learning. I have passed the comments on so that our brochure can reflect that we do have a hoist / changing place and about our accessibility.



Parent carer feedback on the layout of the landing pages on the SEND Local Offer.

Parent carers really like the concertina we use on the advice and guidance pages, therefore requested can this be applied to some of the landing pages, to help parent carers get to the information they are looking for quickly and more efficiently 

(June 2021)

This was great feedback from parent carers, as they liked the concertina's to help them access the information, however this is currently on the advice and guidance pages.

We added the concertina option to the SEND Local Offer landing page, Education landing page and we will look to do the same on the Health & Social Care. This feedback has helped us improve the parent carer journey, and further develop and improve Reading's SEND Local Offer.

Parent carer Feedback through the SEND Strategy  Communications group

Parent carers wanted a SEND Guide for Parent Carers - one easy-to-read and access document which provides a starting point for parent carers to access information on local services. These would include statutory, health, and community, and voluntary sector services. 

(June 2021) 

The BFfC Communications and Marketing team set up a working group to coproduce a guide with parent carers. Reading Families Forum (RFF) along with SENCO's, FIS/SEND Local Offer, Reading IASS, and Health to create the SEND Guide for Parent carers.

The new SEND Guide for Parent Carers - was published in June 2021

Parent carer feedback about the SEND Local Offer Newsletter. 

Parent carers and young people wanted 16+ information to be included in the main SEND Local Offer Newsletter. 

We have a separate 16+ guide however they really valued all the other information in the newsletter, and suggested elements be included in the SEND Local Offer newsletter.

(June 2021)

Parent carers and young people wanted a 16+ support and 16+ what's on section to be included in the main SEND Local Offer newsletter. 

The SEND Local Offer Newsletter Summer 2021 - included the two new sections. These were very well received by parent carers and young people.

Parent carer feedback through Reading Families Forum (RFF)

They wanted clearer information linking from the followng page on the BFfC website https://brighterfuturesforchildren.org/concerned-about-a-child/ linking to the SEND Local Offer (appropriate sections)

(July 2021)

The BFfC Communication and Marketing team working collaboratively with the Local Offer, Reading Families Forum, CYPDT manager, and the CSPoA team. Together we reviewed the information and the links and agreed on all the changes. These were applied to the website in July 2021.

Parent Carer Feedback - Crisis Support Services. 

Reading Families Forum had an increase in parents wanting help and support during the summer holidays. it was reported many parents are struggling and in need of accessing support services to help them cope. 

(August 2021)

Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer collated a comprehensive list of support services, both local and national who can provide support to parent carers, children, and young people. This information was shared with parent carers, key partners within Reading so that it can be cascaded to their service users. The information was also shared with BFfC, RBC, BHFT, and the CCG to share through their networks. This information was very welcomed by parent carers.

Parent carer feedback on the Young People & Mental Health - advice and guidance page on the Local Offer. 

Through the feedback request to review the mental health information, parent carer feedback included more links to the health information and support provided by BHFT, especially around support with anxiety. 

(September 2021)

Information was reviewed by FIS/Local Offer on the advice and guidance page. We visited the BHFT website and had guidance from the practitioners offering and delivering the service so that we use the most useful information - linking to the page.

Information was updated, and new links were added based on the parent carer feedback, and with assistance from colleagues in BHFT. 

The Local Offer directory also syndicates to the BHFT website, this means parent carers can access the most up-to-date information on BHFT services directly from the Local Offer.

Feedback from Reading Families Forum

Short Breaks information on the Local Offer. FIS had feedback from parent carers that they wanted the panel app box, as it was a quick way to get to the information. However, feedback from the forum was that the app was not great when using a smart device. 

(October 2021)

There was a quick solution to this request. FIS/Local Offer created a shortlist link at the top of the Short Breaks landing page - which linked to all the short break sessions available during the October half term. This update was welcomed by RFF, the link worked well on smart devices.

We still kept the Panel App as many parent carers (through feedback) found this very useful to access information. 

Young People & Mental Health - Feedback from parent carers - during the review of this section, there was a advice and guidance page tagged to the Local Offer, where parents fed back the information needed to be refreshed and updated. This page belonged to the adult hub.

(October 2021)

FIS/Local Offer contacted our colleagues in adults and requested they update and review this page, as its tagged to the Local Offer (going up to age 25+) Colleagues in adults have now updated the page, to reflect the changes/services. - https://servicesguide.reading.gov.uk/kb5/reading/directory/advice.page?id=7JaOeLk2HLQ

Feedback from the chair of Reading Families Forum - 'This looks a lot better thank you'

Feedback from the Health & Social care section review by parent carers through a local organisation supporting SEND in Reading.

The Day services information had been reviewed by colleagues in the adults team, working in partnership with the charity. A pdf list has been uploaded to the adults section - https://search3.openobjects.com/mediamanager/reading/enterprise/files/ld-day_services_contacts_august2021_.pdf

(November 2021)

To make sure this the information on the service listed is accessible we tagged all the service records to the day services section on the Local Offer. This will allow a more seamless user journey to access services offering day services.

The RAFT Club (Reading Autism Families Together) Michele Page - contacted the Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer. 

The RAFT Club (Reading Autism Families Together) has been supporting families affected by autism in Reading for the past 14 years, however the past 2 years have been particularly difficult as we have been unable to fundraise, and our services have been restricted by Covid measures.

Faced with closure due to increased rent costs and proposed change of hours, I contacted the Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer to see if they could signpost me to someone at Reading Borough Council who could help. 

(December 2021)

The Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer put Michele in touch with the Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC) Short Breaks Commissioner/cordinator and manager of CYPDT and they have agreed to help us out with our additional rental costs thus enabling us to keep our same hours and buying us some time to explore how we can fund these costs ourselves in the long term.

This support has allowed the group to continue, providing a service to local families and children & young people.

Refresh of the Reading Services Guide - SEND Local Offer - July 2022 - November 2022

The Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer have been working in collaboratively with Reading Families Forum, Special United (young people forum) wider parent network and local SEND organisations supporting Reading families to co-produce the refreshed SEND Local Offer. 

Designs created by BFfC, based on the feedback, we ran consultation and feedback survey, workshops co-produce the designs, and gather feedback from parent carers and stakeholders.

We have held workshops, survey, individual presentations and feedback sessions, worked through the SEND Local Offer working group, this included colleagues from Reading SEND IASS, SENCO's and Elevate to create a great looking new SEND Local Offer, making sure it meet accessibility, usability and good navigation, so that parent carers, young people and professionals can access high quality information, advice and guidance on the platform.

(July 2022 - November 2022)

New site due to be launched in November 2022

We asked, you said, we did - 2022

We Asked

You Said’

‘We did’

Parent carer and professionals were asked to review the Health and Social care section of the SEND Local Offer - January 2022

Feedback from Professional reviewing the Health & Social Care Section of the SEND Local Offer. This organisation support parent carers and young people with SEND in Reading.

1. Under the heading Health & Social Care at the top I wonder whether it is worth saying "Simply click on the relevant links below and the links within them to find out more". Might seem a bit obvious, but I clicked on the drop-down menu for health services and my first thought was "is that it" until I clicked further. 

 2.In the Children's Services 0-18 the bold Early Help Assessment link takes you to the professional's page, rather than what parents can do. 

 3.I can see there is a vast amount of information about Health on here when you follow through all the links. I wondered whether you had considered having separate pages for Health and Social Care. 

 Other than that, looks great and very comprehensive.

(January 2022)

Point 1 - we have added a 'click here' to help with navigation on accessing the information under the accordions

Point 2 - the correct link to the Early Help Assessment form has been added to the BFfC website.

Point 3 - The Local Offer is due to have a refresh, this is a question we will raise with parent carers through Reading Families Forum, would parent carers like us to sepearte the two subjects for easier access to information.

Parent carer feedback on subject landing pages.

We asked parent carers how they would like key topic information for the sub category landing pages be displayed, as we wanted parent carers to have access to this information quickly and efficiently.

Parent carer feedback

They liked the idea of having the accordions on the subject landing pages, and adding news, key subject information in the accordions, so they can access the information on all things 'new' to the section quickly

(February 2022)

FIS/SEND Local Offer - now create accordion with subject heading, on key topics to help parent carers better navigate the Local Offer for latest information. 

Parent carer - Feedback on Short Breaks

We had received feedback from parent carers that many did not understand what was included as a short break, the term short break, especially parents new to SEND.

We asked parent carers through the Short Breaks - strand 5 meetings what would be a good suggestion.

(April 2022)

Parent carer feedback

To head the short breaks information page on the Local Offer to the following.

SEND Short Breaks (all ability activities & overnight breaks)

Information was updated on the SEND Local Offer - April 2022

Parent carer feedback on the Reading Service Guide. 

We updated to remove the Coronvirus message, and asked parent carers did they find it useful to have the email contact details for the Local Offer in the header helpful. 

(May 2022)

Parent carers requested we keep our email contact details on the header of the 'home' page. This will be accessible from the SEND Local Offer too

Message updated - and we added contact the team, with the email address for the SEND Local Offer in the header so that it is easily accessible for parent carers and all users of the SEND Local Offer.

We asked, you said, we did - 2023

We Asked

You Said’

‘We did’


SEND Local Offer - Annual Reports, Surveys & Consultations
SEND Local Offer - Peer Reviews

Reading Borough Council & Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC) has taken part in three SEND Local Offer Peer reviews. Reading Families Forum and Special United along with staff from the SEN team and the Family Information Service took part in both reviews. Outcome from the peer reviews helped us to further develop Reading's Local Offer.

SEND Local Offer Peer Review 2017- Reading Borough Council  & Portsmouth City Council - Local Offer review framework - Reading

SEND Local Offer Peer Review 2018 - Reading Borough Council & West Sussex - South East Local Offer Peer Review 2

SEND Local Offer Peer Review 2019 - Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC) Reading & Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (AFC) - South East Local Offer Peer Review 3

Feedback & Comments Provided by Parent Carers, Young People & Practitioners

Feedback provided through survey, consultations and the FIS brokerage service from parent carers, young people and practitioners.

Great to have so much information, that is USER FRIENDLY and ACCESSIBLE to look through. Searching seems to work well to, and can find out UP TO DATE information on what's around locally’

Brilliant website, good up to date information, clearly displayed what more can you want’

Finally Reading Borough Council has got a website that is helpful useful and everyone in one place for the whole family! I was looking for childcare but found out about other services that I knew nothing about how great is that! Really good’

‘Really good site for parents I found my 2 year nursery place using this site easy to use’

'Having had a good look at the carers support and advice section there seems to be plenty of information for families in this section. I put in a couple of searches and found what I was looking for which is always a good sign! It's good that there is links to the website/phone and email too.' (February 2017)

'I thought the amount and quality of information was excellent, a very comprehensive guide to local services', There are so many contact details provided I would feel confident in finding the right help and guidance. I would definitely recommend the webpage to other friends who are seeking support and advice as carers.' (February 2017)

I thought the website provided a good explanation and comprehensive guide of the short break services available in the area. I found it useful for myself too, I was unaware of the Auticulate group until I read the section and I am now looking into it for my eldest son. The filter section worked very well again to help narrow down your search and if you are looking for a particular service. (March 2017)

The short breaks section seems very comprehensive and includes a lot of information. (March 2017)

Having looked at the special needs activities section I found it very comprehensive with a lot of information under each sub heading . I found it very easy to navigate. (May 2017)

Feedback from the Chair of Reading Families Forum - Parents tell us how much they like the Local Offer - I use it all the time! (September 2017)

The post 16 Newsletter is fantastic - learnt lots! (November 2017)

Feedback from the review of the Transition 16-25 section from a parent carer -Loads of useful information, thank you. Seems that you have got everything! (February 2018)

Feedback from the review of the Transition 16-25 section from a parent carer - I have taken a look at the site and I think that a lot of work has gone into this. There are clearly lots of useful links and resources and each time I thought of something and search for it I found it. (March 2018)

Feedback from the review of the Transition 16-25 section from a parent carer- I’ve had a good look and there appears to be lots of information there. I put a few searches in the search function and info came up on the topic i was searching for. It all appears easy to read and the links all seem to be working (April 2018)

Feedback from Parent contacting FIS/Local Offer - Thank you ever so much for your time in putting together all the information for me in your email.  I have subsequently received the 'Local Offer' email as well which was brilliant since it allowed me to check the new timings for our favourite FAMILY group. With both of my children needing special help, I am very grateful for any assistance. You and your colleague were wonderful on the phone, thank you. (April 2018)

Feedback from a parent wanting help to access 2 year funding for her child, diagnosed with ASD - Thank you for your help in any case. I am very grateful as I am sure you must get many queries on 2-year funding. Yet you dealt with mine very patiently and professionally. (May 2018)

Feedback from a parent, where FIS supported the parent to access the Portage Service, and support from the SEND Early Years Advisory Teacher - Thank you so much for all of this! It is truly appreciated. (May 2018)

Feedback from a parent, “The Local Offer is a godsend for parents of children with additional needs, information, support groups and places to go for advice and peer to peer support is so valuable in helping families cope. Make sure families know how to access the information; it can be translated into different languages and it is not just a website. There is a friendly team able to help families find the information they need.” (July 2018)

Feedback from a parent, learnt loads! Thanks so much all as every (this was about the Local Offer 16+newsletter) (July 2018)

Feeback from a parent who contacted FISThank you ever so much for your time in putting together all the information for me in your email. I have subsequently received the 'Local Offer' email as well which was brilliant since it allowed me to check the new timings for our favourite FAMILY group. With both of my children needing special help, I am very grateful for any assistance. You and your colleague were wonderful on the phone, thank you. (July 2018)

Feedback from parent who contacted FISI am very grateful as I am sure you must get many queries on 2-year funding. Yet you dealt with mine very patiently and professionally. This means a lot to me because of both boys being on the ASD spectrum. The earlier they can interact with other children and receive professional help, the better it is for his development. Thank you very much! (July 2018)

Feedback from parent who contacted FIS, Quote“…without your help, I would not be able to find the after school club. It is all sorted now, and the Indian Community after school was really happy to receive my daughter. Thank you so so much, because as I am a single mum, it has been really difficult for me to find something.” (September 2018)

Professional Feedback from a local SEND Charity, Quote from CEO, ‘Thank you for your help yesterday. I planted the question “So where do parents look for information?” The answer the Local Offer! (September 2018)

Feedback - Chair of a Local Charity - I hope RBC realises what a gem of a little service they have with FIS!  This is brilliant thank you. (November 2018)

Feedback - Parent carer review of the Transport section of the Local Offer - I’ve just had a look at the transport section of the local offer. All looks good, lots of information and very thorough. (December 2018)

Feedback from a health visitor - Wow, that’s thank you for all this, really helpful. I have just spoken with parents who have agreed for a Portage referral in the first instance.Thanks again (January 2019)

Feedback from a school SENCo - This is so helpful, thank you so much. I’ll forward it to parents now and let you know if they manage to access care successfully. Thanks again (January 2019)

Feedback from a parent carer - Many thanks for the information you sent me about support for children with dyslexia, it was really helpful and much appreciated. (February 2019)

Feedback from staff at a special needs school - Thank you so much for coming along today and supporting our futures fair. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide our students with information about the service you offer. (February 2019)

Feedback from a school SENCo - thanks again for your time and also for this information, its really handy. And thanks for adding me to the mailing list too. (March 2019) 

Parent Carer Feedback about a gymnastic club, for children & young people with additional needs, listed on the SEND Local Offer -  I can personally recommend Virtue I as a special needs parent named this class after the very amazing manager came to me to ask for advice to make a better-suited class for our daughters. I really hope the club can benefit many more children with special needs and make them realise that what they can achieve is truly "limitless". (April 2019)

Parent Carer Feedback, reviewing the Sensory section of the Local Offer - I've had a good look through and it all seems very thorough,  detailed and lots of information. (May 2019)

Parent Carer Feedback, after an outreach session attended by FIS/SEND Local Offer held by Reading Families Forum (Krazy Play Day Coffee Evening) - It was lovely meeting you last night at Krazy Play Days. My wife and me would like to thank both of you for your time and your precious advises. (July 2019)

Feedback from Professionals - 'I had a meeting this morning with the Housing team. During our meeting, colleague mentioned that his team have been able to provide information to tenants regarding the funding entitlements due to the FIS  SEND Local Offer pages.

They did say that the FIS page was really informative and useful in comparison to other RBC pages and was also able to advise tenants they can look for childcare by filtering to those closest to their postcode. (August 2019)

Feedback from a Social Worker from Oxfordshire Council - they were transferring a child from Oxford to a Reading family under special guardianship and therefore contacted FIS/SEND Local Offer to find out if there were any organisation that offered courses or workshops for special guardians. We were able to signpost them to Parenting Special Children, in Reading who offered tailored courses and support, they also offer special events. The social worker commented 'thank you so much, it's lovely to speak to another local authority that has such fantastic information' the social worker was using the Reading Local Offer to access the information. (September 2019)

Parent Carer Feedback - Parent contacted FIS as she has been given 2 year funding under the Portage service, however she wanted to use a childcare setting in West Berkshire, and wasn't sure if Reading would allow this. She had spoken to several people and no one was able to advise her. FIS checked with appropriate colleagues at BFfC, and confirmed with the parent that the funding can be used in a neighbouring LA. Comment from the parent - Thank you so much for all your help and advice, I was so worried and you have taken this worry away from me. I can now contact the nursery and get her registered for April start. (January 2020)

Parent Carer Feedback - Reviewing the Clubs & Groups section on the Local Offer - As the mother of a son age 30 with Autism, I am very happy to see an abundance of activities for children, activities that were either not available or that I was unaware of 20 yrs ago when those services were sorely needed. The layout of the information is in essence irrelevant, the fact that parents are able to access support is invaluable. (January 2020)

Parent Carer Feedback - Reviewing the Clubs & Groups section on the Local Offer - I’ve had a good look through and all seems fine . I checked a few links and they were all ok and I was able to navigate to some things easily that I had put in the search engine. (February 2020)

Comment from a parent carer, the FIS/Local Offer team helped during COVID-19 - And thank you to you and your colleagues for helping to keep things up and running at this time. (March 2020)

Feedback from a local charity SEND charity - during COVID-19. You are doing a great job, getting lots of info through which we are sharing on various forums. (April 2020)

Feedback from a parent carer - thank you for keeping us all informed through the Local Offer, the team have been fantastic. It really helps to get information from a reliable source as there is so much around at the moment (April 2020)

Feedback from a local SEND charity - during COVID-19 - I know lots of families who rely on your emails (SEND Local Offer) and newsletters to know what support’s available locally. (April 2020)

Feedback from a grandparent - who contacted FIS/Local Offer, as she needed help with her grandson's EHCP document/review. She also wanted information on support, short breaks, activities. Grandparent was signposted SEND IASS, and tailored information sent for her grandson to access activities/short breaks. Feedback from a grandparent. Thank you very much for this and all that you have done. Thank you very much for your help. (May 2020)

Feedback from a children's hospice service - the staff contacted the Local Offer to find out about weekend short breaks. It was a complicated case (due to the current COVID-19 situation) however we were able to provide information, advice, guidance and signposting to the service. Feedback from the staff - Thank you for all your assistance (June 2020)

Feedback from a social worker - who contacted FIS/SEND Local Offer to find out more about what support/short breaks and OT support is available. A created bespoke package of information to meet the needs of the young person the social worker is supporting. Feedback - You are amazing! Thank you so much. The information on services provided helped the social worker access services within the community and through BHFT. (June 2020)

Feedback from a parent carer, who was supported in accessing childcare for her 6-year-old, who had recently been diagnosed with ASD. Both parents are working and needed to find childcare that met the child's needs. Supported the family to access and secure childcare for the child. Parent feedback 'thank you so much for all your help and support. We did not know where to start until I saw the local offer Facebook page. I would save you details for the future, brilliant service' (July 2020)

Feedback from a colleague in Early Help (BFfC) - thank you for adding my details to the parent carer SEND Local Offer mailing list. The information you send out it so useful and vital to the work we are doing to support families. (July 2020)

Feedback from a specialist SEND practitioner - they were looking for support for a young person with SEND who has been impacted by the pandemic, and the parent is finding it hard to manage the child's behaviour. FIS/SEND Local Offer, sent the professional a list of organisations, both local and national who are provided support to parent carers and young people. Feedback from the professional - 'There are some really useful services on there that I was not aware of - thank you' (July 2020)

Feedback from a social worker - the social worker was looking for low-cost activities for a child to access during the summer holiday. FIS/SEND Local Offer, send the social worker link to the summer holiday activities page, along with the SEND Local Offer Summer Holiday Newsletter. Feedback from the Social Worker 'This is so useful, I will pass it onto the team. Thank you.' (July 2020)

Feedback from an Early Help Practitioner supporting a family who had additional needs - 'Well thank you for your support in this case and helping me to understand the critical points!' The support and guidance provided by FIS/SEND Local Offer, allowed the practitioner to make a seamless referral on behalf of the family. (August 2020)

Feedback from a parent carer who contact the SEND Local Offer (FIS) - thank you to so much for all you help and information you provided. I was lost and did not know where to go, or who to ask for help. My nursery told me to give the the local offer a call, so pleased I did, now I don't feel so overwhelmed, your help, support and the brilliant information you provided has helped me and my family get help for our child. I will definitely recommend the local offer to other parents (October 2020)

Feedback from a social worker supporting a family to access short breaks and activities - FIS/SEND Local Offer provided a comprehensive list of activities that were suitable for the young person to access. Feedback from the social worker - I just had a look at the links, this is very helpful. Thanks for your prompt response (November 2020)

Reading SEND Local Offer - was nominated for 'SEND Local Offer of the Year' at the 2020 NAFIS (National Association of Family Information Services) conference. We made it in to the top 4 nominees. Feedback from Reading Families Forum Well done - that's terrific and richly deserved! - What a fantastic achievement to be nominated! Well done. (November 2020)

Brighter Futures for Children, communication and marketing team, helped FIS to refresh and update the look and feel of the SEND Local Offer newsletter. The BFfC team did a great job in creating a 'new look' newsletter, we still kept all the brilliant news information, on activities, support etc. This is something parent carers had been asking for through our feedback option. The first new newsletter was created for the Winder edition - December 2020. Feedback from parent carers and professionals. Voluntary sector colleague - 'Love the new look of your news letter very easy on the eye and full of good articles.' Parent carers - 'Looks really good ladies - well done' & 'This is an excellent change in the newsletter, well done all.' Portage worker - 'Love the newsletter, looks fab! '(December 2020)

Feedback from a social worker - FIS/SEND Local Offer supported a family through the social worker to access information on short breaks and activities for the young person, and support services for the young person who had additional needs. Feedback from the social worker, 'thank you so much. This is incredibly helpful of you.' (December 2020)

Feedback from Parenting Special Children - thank you for the excellent work you do ensuring that Reading families are informed. Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer, keep families informed about parenting support, courses etc, through the Local Offer, however, we also send emails out to parent carers, keeping them informed (December 2020)

Feedback from a Social Worker - FIS/SEND Local Offer supported the social worker to access local services to meet the needs of the family she was supporting - 'thank you so much. This is incredibly helpful of you'. (December 2020)

Parent was supported to find a 2 year funded place - with the ongoing pandemic, some parents were stuggling to secure funded places. FIS/SEND Local Offer, provided a brokerage service to those parents needing assistance. Feedback from a parent carer -  'really appreciative of the support received , and really appreciated the support provided by FIS/SEND Local Offer with the 2 year old funding and your follow up call to her to check progress' (January 2021)

Parent carer feedback - Always been very impressed by the proactive and friendly general information emails from the Family Information Service and the Local Offer - thanks to the team! (January 2021)

Parent Carer feedback (information on the services offered by Dingley Promise) - I just wanted to feedback that this is very impressive support.  It's hard to do much under Covid, but I think the ideas you've come up with are great.  My son is too old now, but I will communicate out to the younger families in Chattertots (January 2021)

Voluntary Organisation (PSC) Feedback - supporting children, young people and their families - I also wanted to say a big thank you to you, we are so fortunate to have your team in Reading, we know that families will be held and supported.  Thank you to you all (January 2021)

Parent carer - Feedback on virtual tours listed on the SEND Local Offer - Short Breaks information - This is a brilliant list of tours the children can do. My son will enjoy these. Thank you so much. (February 2021)

Parent carer - Feedback - FIS/SEND Local Offer keeps parent carers up to date via mailing list. Parent carers were sent information about the offer through the Elevate service. Parent feedback - thank you so much for this information, it's very timely as we were just looking for services that can help our young person. (March 2021)

Feedback from a Professional about the SEND Local Offer Spring 2021 newsletter- Just wanted to say this is jam-packed with great options for parents and children as well as really useful information presented in a family-friendly accessible format- well done to all (March 2021)

It really is excellent. Wow!!!! That is fantastic. – feedback from Health Professional  supporting children & young people with SEND- about the Spring SEND Local Offer Newsletter 2021 (March 2021

Feedback from the BHFT School Nursing Team - I have just received your Spring SEND newsletter by email filtered through several people to get to me and had to email you and congratulate you on an absolutely brilliant piece of work! It is amazing, so bright and cheerful and it contains such a wealth of information. Whoever put it together has done an excellent job, I would imagine it took a few people! I have circulated it to my Reading school nursing team who are certain to share with any families they are working with who have SEND children. (March 2021)

Parent Carer Feedback - Thank you very much for sending this information through, it is very helpful. The parent was provided with information on short breaks (March 2021)

Parent Carer Feedback on virtual short breaks information - This is a brilliant list of tours the children can do. My son will enjoy these. Thank you so much. (March 2021)

Feedback from ALAFIA (an organisation supporting BAME families who have a CYP with SEND) - The newsletter looks great! Will be sharing it with Alafia Families. (March 2021)

Feedback from Parent carers, whilst FIS/SEND Local Offer were delivering a virtual outreach session.  Jenna Redmond’s ‘Living with Autism’ course. During the session parents turn to ask questions, one parent asked about short breaks for his 5-year-old. Another parent then went on to say that her 5yr old daughter with ASD attended Make Sense Theatre during the Easter holiday Short Breaks (2021) and she absolutely loved it. Mum said it was fantastic and would highly recommend it. (April 2021)

Feedback from a West Berkshire parent - the family moved to the West Berks from Reading, her child who has an EHCP attends a special school in Reading. She was looking for information on support for her child and contacted Reading SEND Local Offer/FIS to inform us how well organised the information is on Reading SEND Local Offer, the information is comprehensive and guides her to the right place. She misses using Reading SEND Local Offer. The parent needed help, so we researched the information and provided her with the correct links to the West Berkshire teams. (April 2021

Feedback from a local organisation supporting families, children and young people with SEND (Comms team) - I have to say people don't seem to have too much trouble finding us on the Reading Local Offer, as the site is consistently among the five main sources of incoming traffic to our website on the analytics reports, ahead of any of the rest of Berkshire's Local Offer sites.  (April 2021) 

Parent carer feedback - FIS/SEND Local Offer attended an outreach session organised by the Living with Autism Coordinator at BFfC. A parent that FIS/SEND Local Offer team met at the groups emailed the SEND Local Offer after attending the outreach session, asking how she could get further up the housing list as she was having no success at all with bidding process. She has a child with Autism and living in cramped conditions. FIS/SEND Local Offer team advised she completed a medical form and submit it as it may help her with the bidding process. Client response/feedback after taking the advice provided by FIS/SEND Local Offer:  “I am now given a medical band D housing priority. I have bid on 2 bed flat in Reading. And now they are shortlisting.” Thank you for all you help and advice. (May 2021)

Feedback from a Short Breaks provider in Reading, funded by BFfC, the SEND Local Offer has helped with the take-up of this short breaks offer. It is now a very popular short break with children and young people in Reading. 'Thank you so much, FIS/SEND Local Offer team. You are so helpful to us in getting the word out there to families. We are very grateful to you'. (June 2021)

Short Breaks provider in Reading - Feedback – Thank you for sending out the short break’s information, as soon as this goes out, families email and phone to book places, we are so grateful to have such a great Local Offer. Families have feedback that the information from the Local Offer has helped them access short breaks (June 2021)

Parent carer – Support – the support and guidance you provide has helped me access information on services that helped my child, who is clearly going through a very difficult time, thank you for listening and helping, you made a massive difference to us. I will be sharing the name of your fantastic service far and wide with other families. (June 2021)

2-year funding support – I had never heard of the funding until I googled it because another parent mentioned it on a Facebook page. I found your information immediately on your fis site, and I was able to apply and find a pre-school for my 2-year-old. The lady on the phone line was so helpful because my child has a disability and she reassured me and helped me narrow down the childcare for my child, massive thank you! (June 2021)

SEND Local Offer Newsletter Summer 2021 - some feedback comments from parent carers, and professionals supporting local families with SEND. 'Great newsletter', 'Oh wow – this is fantastic- thank you for sharing', newsletter It looks great!  Just wanted to say what a great newsletter - packed full of info!  (June 2021). 'Thanks for sharing the Summer newsletter and it’s jammed packed full of amazing information and can see that this must have taken a lot of time to pull it together. It looks incredibly professional and a massive well done in pulling all of this really useful information together and all the really good articles in the newsletter.' (July 2021) Health Colleagues (RBH)Thank you. This looks great! We’ve shared this with our staff and in our GP newsletter. (July 2021)

Parent carer feedback on the support and information provided by FIS/SEND Local Offer. The parent has just moved into Reading and needed help and guidance on accessing local services. Parent contacted Local Offer to say ‘thank you and what wonderful services there are in Reading and she was currently on page 29 of the SEND Local Offer summer newsletter' and found the information in the newsletter so helpful. The parent also asked about ballet and swimming for her daughter, Local Offer sent the parent local services that can cater for her child's needs. She was very grateful for the information and time we gave listening to the request and assisting with the information. (July 2021)

Parent Carer feedback - Easter short Breaks -  So great to have some activities for children with Complex needs to attend (July 2021)

Parent Carer feedback - supporting the family to access services in Reading - Thank you so much for compiling this list for me. The information has been very helpful. (July 2021)

Parent Carer feedback - support provided by FIS/Local Offer - Thank you so much! It was upon the CYPDT consultant’s recommendation that I should apply for the Max card for my boys, xxxx and xxxx. That was only last Friday and your prompt reply means we could be getting the card by Monday next week. This would really help with our application for Personal Assistant and Me2Club support for the boys. We really appreciate all assistance given to our children and the family. Thank you. (July 2021)

Feedback from a Social Worker, who was looking for support - Family just moved to Reading, who had three children with SEND, looking for support information for parent carers, and also services for the children. Tailored information from the Local Offer was created for the social worker so that she can use this to support the family. Feedback -Thank you so much – you really are just super and brilliant (August 2021)

Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC) Short Breaks team commissioned Reading FC to provide short breaks during October half term 2021. Reading FC shared some lovely feedback from a parent, who's two children attended the short breaks - 'I just wanted to let you know my two boys really, really enjoyed themselves today and would love to attend such sessions in the future. Thank you so much for putting these on.'  October 2021

Reading and West Berkshire Family Information Service/SEND Local Offer, were invited by Parenting Special Children to deliver a Transition to Adulthood workshop on the 21st October 2021 - Feedback - 'thank you so much for presenting at the transition to adulthood workshop, I am sure it was really helpful for families to 'meet' you and I am sure that the information will encourage them to find out more in the future.' October 2021

Parent carer feedback on the support and information provided. Parent contacted FIS/Local Offer, as her child has just been diagnosed with ASD, and she really didn't know where to start to get information on support for her child and the family. Parent contact us as a first point of contact, and was referred by the school SENCO. Parent was supported to access service by FIS/Local Offer. Parents comment - thank you so much for all the help and information you gave us. we really didn't know where to start, or who to go to, but after speaking to you our stress levels reduced and we knew there was plenty of help out there. thank you again (December 2021) 

Parent carer feedback on the support provided by FIS/SEND Local Offer - parent was new to Reading, and had very spoken English. She wanted help with finding support for her child who was diagnosed with autism. At her previous LA there was a support worker in place, however she did'nt know where to start in Reading, and was sign posted to FIS/SEND Local Offer by her school. We provided in depth advice and guidance and support the parent to access local support services, including providing a brokerge service to make sure the parent got all the help she needed. Feedback from parent. Thank you so much, I did'nt know where to start, or who to go to, the school told me to give you a call, and I am so glad I did, your help has helped me to support my child, and we are happy. (January 2022)

School SENCO - needed information on support services for a child attending their school and for the parent carers. FIS/SEND Local Offer provided comprehensive information, advice and guidance, including services that can provide support to the family. Quote from SENCO -  Thank you for your email, that’s amazing thank you so much for taking the time to put this together for me. I have shared this with the family already and they have made contact with some of the servies you guided us to. (February 2022) 

Parent carer had just moved to Reading from the Midlands area, and contacted FIS/Local Offer to find out what support was available for her 6 year old who had a diagnosis of autism and global developmental delay. The team provided the parent with information, advice and guidance, signposting to key local services that provide support, information on short breaks, etc. Quote from parent. 'the local offer information and support given is fantastic, we never had anything like this in the town I lived in before, your help has helped me so much to understand the SEN support available on offer in Reading' thank you so much, so happy I contacted you, must admit I was a bit reluctant at first as parents with SEN children are always sent here and there, but you guys are fantastic. I will be saving your number, email and website for future use'. (February 2022)

Feedback from a professional for the SEND Local Offer Spring 2022 newsletter - WOW- well done to you and the team for a fabulous, packed and informative  newsletter. (March 2022)

Parent carer feedback - support provided to access information on local services. 'Thank you so much for the information. It's a great help. I also received my max card this morning too. Thank you so much for that as well'. (March 2022)

Parent carer feedback - parent has just been given a diagnosis, and she did'nt know where to start. Signposted to FIS/SEND Local Offer by a friend. Support and brokerage was provided to this parent by FIS/SEND Local Offer. 'Thank you so much for your help,this is all new to me.' (March 2022)

Youth Offending Service - contacted SEND Local Offer to access informaiton and support for a young person, in depth IAG was provided. Feedback from the service 'Thank you so much for this comprehensive list. I am sure the young person will benefit from being able to access these services.' (March 2022)

Parent carer feedback - I wanted to thank the local offer staff for all the help and support they provided when I really didn't know who to turn to. The team took the time to listen and understand our situation, then supported us with getting the help we needed, without this help I'm not sure what we would have done. so thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we need more teams like yours at the council. thank you thank you. (May 2022)

Feedback from Health Watch Reading - regarding the SEND Local Offer Newsletter Summer 2022 - Really good newsletter , thank you.  Healthwatch Reading The Advocacy People (June 2022)

Feedback from parent carer from Jenna ASD sessions - Parent registered on the DCR, and has a Max card, she was able to book a Haven break for her family using the Max card which gave her over £50 worth of discount. Parent stated without this discount they would not have been able to afford this break. Thank you BFfC for providing this type of short break. (September 2022)

Feedback from parent carer - my school told me to contact the council for help with my child who has just been diagnosed with autism. I spoke to 5 different services before coming through to you, but thank goodness I did! you guys have been the best team ever, without your help, support and guidance I would still be crying. I'm now making sure all families who have a child with needs knows about you, and I will be keeping in touch through your mailing lists and newsletter, as I expect will need your support in the future. thank you again my lifeline. (September 2022)

Short Breaks - Feedback from Parent carers

Parent carers regularly provide feedback of the short breaks offers. The feedback helps Brighter Futures for Children to further improve the offer, and create short break sessions that children and young people would like to attend. Below is feedback from parent carers and young people.

Short Breaks - 2021


Thanks a million for these wonderful sessions! XXXX looking forward to the next lot! And I got tonnes of work done while you had him! So mummy and boy very happy indeed! Xxx

XXXX has absolutely loved these sessions and we’re looking forward to the next lot. Thank you all so much for providing this for us!

Email to the Local Offer team - Thank you so much for your feedback. I will direct everyone to the local offer. We ask all our families how they heard about us and they said its mainly your direct emails. So this is great!


Make Sense Theatre

Excellent communication really reassuring for our first time! Thanks so much
Everyone was really friendly and welcoming. It was perfect!
Everything went well

XXXX loves the drama sessions and just wants to be able to go again, again and again..!! 

My son loved his time with Make Sense Theatre. We really look forward to coming back!

Short Breaks - 2022

March 2022 - I just wanted say a massive thank you for the football tickets. It was my partner and children's first time ever going to football match live and they absolutely enjoyed themselves they came home so happy and would love to go again if they was given this opportunity again as unfortunately living on such a small income its impossible to be able to pay for tickets. massive Thank you to Reading football club for giving us this opportunity and Thank you Mark for sorting the tickets.

March 2022 - We had a fantastic day at the Reading game yesterday, I would never have been in a position financially to take my family to a game so Thanks to you and Reading Football Club for making that possible. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, a better result for Reading would have been appreciated though!!

March 2022 - Thank you for your help regarding the Reading FC tickets, the kids had a wonderful time on Saturday.

March 2022 - Thank you and Reading Football Club so much for organising tickets for us. Besides the disappointing result, my daughter and I had a lovely day and it’s always nice to spend time together. She enjoyed it so much, she has asked if she can go again soon.

April 2022 - Easter holiday short breaks - feedback from a parent carer - XXXX had such an amazing experience at Make sense yesterday. We stayed for almost the whole 4 hours, minus 10 minutes! He engaged throughout the entire afternoon, he did hear those trigger words around him but he was enjoying himself he didn’t even notice! After some fresh air he was calm and took part in the second 2 hour session. He sat so patiently listening to the violinist for the last 30 minutes. He was so tired after that, not use to doing so much but the main point, having so much fun!! He was laughing so much throughout the dancing and singing it made me a bit emotionally to think about everything he misses out on in school.

April 2022 - Easter Holiday short breaks - feedback from Chance to Dance - We asked all our attendance to complete a survey and 100% of our families said they would highly recommend Chance to Dance Stars CIC. They found the variety of activities were a good mix and loved the amount of physical activity provided. The location was ideal and most felt 4 hours was just enough to keep them engaged. We had wonderful feedback towards our staff and volunteers so many saying brilliant, wonderful, amazing. 

"Very helpful, super friendly and attentive! Every picture I saw of them and my child she was happy and engaged! Which isn’t easy to do!"

"Organised, capable, hard-working, friendly and very patient and caring."

April 2022 - feedback collected from Make Sense Theatre - from parent carers and young people who attended the Easter holiday short breaks sessions. All of those surveys stated they would attend another short breaks session and would recommend to other young people.


My young person attended: This was my first Make/Sense Theatre experience I found out about the Make/Sense Theatre Short Breaks from: After the workshop, my young person felt: Any other comments/ what we could do better/ what went well?
MLD age 7-13 workshop No Reading Families Forum Happy  Great experience 
Complex Needs aged 10+ workshop No Make/Sense Theatre website Confident, happy, joyful, proud, included and important  My son has no access to any other activity where he is able to manage without my support- this is a vital lifeline for our family and my sons overall behaviour and happiness has improved beyond my expectations. He has separation anxiety in all other settings and hasn’t attended school for more than a year but looks forward to make sense theatre and is less stressed and anxious after attending
MLD age 7-13 workshop Yes Communication from my young person's school Ok and wanted to chill out He knew a few staff members and children from school
MLD age 7-13 workshop No The BBfC SEND Local Offer website or newsletterion 1 Happy and excited  All really well organised and well run. More sessions in holidays would be good. 
Complex Needs aged 10+ workshop No The BBfC SEND Local Offer website or newsletterion 1 Happy!  Wonderful staff who were really helpful and attentive 
MLD age 14+ workshop No Word of mouth Absolutely loves it  The whole experience is amazing the staff are amazing and I never worry about my son being with them as they are all very professional 
MLD age 7-13 workshop No Make/Sense Theatre website happy and wanting to come back we're very happy with how the club is run 
Complex Needs aged 10+ workshop No The BBfC SEND Local Offer website or newsletterion 1 happy All went well
Complex Needs aged 10+ workshop No Reading Families Forum Happy  If they could add some more music instrument it could be more good..
MLD age 7-13 workshop No Make/Sense Theatre website Happy, excited and included The theatre workshop is a fantastic combination of games, socialising, drama and dance. xxxx absolutely loves going
MLD age 14+ workshop No The BBfC SEND Local Offer website or newsletterion 1 Enthusiastic Our daughter enjoys the activity
MLD age 14+ workshop No Communication from my young person's school Happy  All went very well 
MLD age 14+ workshop No Communication from my young person's school Like she had made new friends Thank you for your very thorough preparation especially the photos of the team. I can tell that you are all very experienced and very capable.
MLD age 14+ workshop No Other Happy and excited More notice for dates
MLD age 14+ workshop No Other Really happy.  Brilliant holiday workshops just not enough of them..

August 2022 - Feedback from a parent carers about the Reading FC Short Breaks offer - Reading FC, Just wanted to rave about the footy at avenue today( rfc). There were a range of different abilities and I wondered just how the girls would cope as they have always been in a mainstream setting.....Both girls absolutely nailed it and can't wait to go back.

What a valued and all inclusive activities put on for children who struggle in mainstream settings......there is no competition they come last in just equal fun activities making them feel great especially about themselves.

Feedback from a parent carer - Reading FC - August 2022

My son has severe learning difficulties and complex needs,  for years there has been nothing in the community he has been able to attend as previous clubs were for the more abled disabled 

He loves going to The Reading FC Community Multi sports club as it is held at his school so he is very familiar with the environment,  the staff are friendly and welcoming and manage his needs well and it's long enough to give me as his parent/carer a break and for him to be around other young people 

Clubs like this are very much needed for children like my son that have very little to access out in the community..  Well done guys please keep up the hard work,  it's much appreciated 

Feedback from a parent carer - Reading FC - August 2022

XXX has really enjoyed coming, the staff have been so good with calming her down, she is non-verbal & full of anxiety, she has really surprised me with becoming so comfortable so quickly & that’s because of all the staff! 

You’re all approachable, thorough & I can tell the kids have a great time! 

I’ve loved the fact that XXX has had somewhere else to go, which has helped her so much with her days & regulation. I’ve even recommended the club to many other Parents who are struggling. 


August 2022 - BFfC Lego Club at Cressingham short breaks - Lego Club

Cressingham did feed back forms for the young people who attended in July below is some feedback from they young people.

Child 1 – said “Happy” when asked if he’d like to come to club again. We used Smiles and he chose the happy one

Child 2 – said “ Happy” to come back to lego club and make some cars, asked for more wheels which have been ordered and received.

Child 3 – said “Happy to return to club because I find it good and cool, I Quite nicely relaxed”

Child 4 – said “Happy to come back to Lego club, Lego Club was fun” has asked for Star wars themed lego and staff are investigating to get some instructions to build Star wars lego.

August 2022 -  Multi-sport Camp Feedback

“Thanks so much for running this camp. Matthew has really enjoyed himself this last few days. I really hope there will be more to come.”  - Nicola Beddoes

“JA has had a wonderful summer attending your multi sports club. For a young person with additional needs (and a Child Looked After) it is always difficult to find somewhere they can attend and be totally included.  The children are listened to and completely embraced by all. You and your staff have shown JA great kindness, encouragement - helping to build his self-esteem and confidence.  This is the first summer we have not had tears, anger or frustration when returning from a holiday club. Thank you all, this is definitely what we need within the community and especially for our individual special children.”  - Debi D’Souza

“Our 14 years old son, with Down syndrome, has been attending Reading football holiday clubs for a few years now and absolutely loves them.  It's a fantastic opportunity for him to socialise, be active and make new friends in a safe and friendly environment.  He absolutely loves going every day to play with his friends from football and that includes staff members as he sees them as his friends too.This programme has also supported us, as parents working from home, because it allows us to have a close to normal working day knowing that our son is enjoying himself and having fun with his friends." – Carmen Balanza Davis

“My son has severe learning difficulties and complex needs, for years there has been nothing in the community he has been able to attend as previous clubs were for the more abled disabled He loves going to The Reading FC Community Multi sports club as it is held at his school so he is very familiar with the environment, the staff are friendly and welcoming and manage his needs well and it's long enough to give me as his parent/carer a break and for him to be around other young people Clubs like this are very much needed for children like my son that have very little to access out in the community.  Well done guys please keep up the hard work, it’s much appreciated” - Miss D Green 


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