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Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the organisations listed on this site have posted service updates and will continue doing so. Many phone lines and websites are still available, however some contact details may have changed. Try the organisation's own website if you're having difficulty getting through.

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Deputy's Office (Reading Borough Council)

The Deputy's Office manages the finances of social care clients who are unable to do so themselves.

Clients, who are already getting services from Adult Social Care Services, are referred to the Deputy's Office when they are deemed to have lost the mental capacity to manage their financial affairs/personal welfare due to the following reasons:

  • Severe learning disability
  • Enduring Mental Health Condition; e.g. bi-polar, schizophrenia, schizoid disorder.
  • Dementia: e.g. Alzheimer's, vascular etc...
  • Severe brain injury due to an accident, severe illness e.g. stroke or progressive neurological diseases (M.S, Parkinson's, Huntingon's etc...)

Deputy Officers are issued with a court order from the Court of Protection, on behalf of the Local Authority, in which they are authorised to deal with someone's property and affairs or personal welfare and on some occasions both of these things.

A solicitor, family member or a friend can also apply to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy.  The nominated person or persons will be given the authorisation to manage most aspects of someone's finances, e.g.;

  • Manage bank accounts
  • Buy and sell property
  • Manage benefits, occupational pensions etc...
  • Receive information from financial institutions

The Deputy's Office at Reading Borough Council can be contacted on the tel numbers below:

- 0118 937 4609

- 0118 937 4062

or by e-mail at:


Reviewed November 2020