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Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the organisations listed on this site have posted service updates and will continue doing so. Many phone lines and websites are still available, however some contact details may have changed. Try the organisation's own website if you're having difficulty getting through.

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Early Help & Support

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The Children’s Single Point of Access is how you raise a concern about a child (pre-birth to 18 years old) in Reading. This includes safeguarding and child protection.

Having a Single Point of Access allows us to make timely, informed, evidence based decisions to ensure a child’s safety. This has been developed in partnership with services across Reading to create a simple communications channel for everyone.

What is the Children’s Single Point of Access?
The Children’s Single Point of Access is a single point of contact for all early help and children’s social care services, including disabled children. The line is open to all practitioners and the general public.

How do I contact the Children’s Single point of Access?

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One Reading Early Help Partnership Strategy 2021/2023