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Welcome to Reading’s SEND Local Offer

Winners of the National Association of Family Information Services (NAFIS) Coram Family & Childcare award for Best SEND Local Offer 2023

Winners of the National Association of Family Information Services (NAFIS) Coram Family & Childcare award for Best Community Engagement 2022

Winners of the National Association of Family Information Service (NAFIS) Coram Family & Childcare award for 'Best SEND Local Offer' 2021

The SEND Local Offer is here to help you find information about local services, support, activities and events for children and young people aged 0 - 25 years who have special educational needs or disabilities (SEND). The Family Information Service provides this information on behalf of Brighter Futures For Children which delivers children’s services in Reading.

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Children & Young People's Disability Register & Care Passport

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SEND Local Offer Newsletter & SEND Local Offer 16+ Guide

You can view the lastest SEND Local Offer Newsletter, click here

You can view the latest SEND Local Offer - 16+ Guide, click here

SEND Local Area Joint Inspection

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) Brighter Futures for Children - https://brighterfuturesforchildren.org/services/special-educational-needs-and-disabilities/

Joint local area SEND inspection in Reading - view the report here

The SEND Local Offer Explained

We also have a page which explains what a SEND Local Offer is. The page includes a video and frequently asked questions. It’s useful because it sets out what you can expect locally and what legislation exists to support the availability of certain services locally. You can access it here.

How to contact the SEND Local Offer

For people who do not have access to the internet, we offer a 9am-5pm telephone service. Call 0118 9373777 (option 2). 

Email - localoffer@reading.gov.uk 

What we are doing to improve SEND services in Reading
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Contact the Team

Family Information Service

fis@reading.gov.uk 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2

SEND Local Offer

localoffer@reading.gov.uk 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2 0118 937 3777 OPTION 2

Adult & Carers Support

CSAAdvice.Signposting@reading.gov.uk 0118 937 3747 0118 937 3747
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