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  1. 'Planning our meals was key to saving'

    Rob Finch thought he was running a pretty tight ship until he did the Eat4Cheap challenge and shaved nearly 20% off the family's weekly shopping bill. Eat4Cheap is more than just a money-saving challenge, it's an attempt to demonstrate that eating healthily is cheaper than…
  2. Do you need help at home or to get out and about?

    You can hire a "personal assistant" to act as a homecare worker for you. Personal assistants can offer you all that you’ll get from an agency worker, but you’ll also get the continuity, familiarity and ongoing relationship with your assistant. However, if you employ a…
  3. Do you need help to live at home?

    If you need help around the home then please check out the options such as Technology Enabled Care (assistive technology), meal delivery services, equipment, etc...  To find out about the support that is available to you locally, please click on this sentence for further information…
  4. Do you need help with shopping?

    Shopping for food and other essential items can be very challenging when you are older or have a disability. This advice and guidance page suggests some ways to overcome these difficulties so you can get the things you need to stay well. Use your personal…
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