Unity in Expression: Art Workshop for Mental Wellbeing

A dynamic collaboration between Together for Mental Wellbeing and ACRE (Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality). Led by local artist Joseph Silviano, these workshops are an inspiration of creativity and healing, offering a nurturing environment for individuals from minority groups to explore the relationship of mental health and artistic expression.


But that's not all. The artworks created in these workshops, alongside with artwork from previous projects/workshops organised by Together, will be displayed in a compelling exhibition across various venues in Reading during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, from the 13th to the 19th of May.


Hosted at ACRE's offices, at Royal Berkshire & Battle Hospital, 344 Oxford Rd, Reading RG30 1AQ, starting on 28th of March 2pm for 2hours each week. These workshops are not just about art – they're about fostering healing, encouraging self-expression, and building a strong sense of community support. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey through the medium of art therapy.


To register your interest please contact readingcos@together-uk.org


“Unity in Expression: Art Workshop for Mental Wellbeing”


Week 1: Getting Started - Anyone Can Paint

  • Begin by emphasising that painting is for everyone, creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Introduce landscape painting as a fun way to start art, focusing on simplicity and enjoyment. Start with learning about perspective.
  • Teach participants about mixing colours and the basics of painting step by step, encouraging them to see it as a journey of self-expression and emotional release.
  • Discuss the idea that setbacks are part of learning and growing, encouraging participants to embrace their vulnerabilities as they paint.


Week 2: Eyes Speak Volumes

  • Show participants how to paint a simple eye, exploring the idea that eyes reflect our inner emotions and thoughts.
  • Dive deeper into the concepts of perspective and visibility in art, relating them to self-reflection and exploring our emotional world.
  • Encourage participants to use their art to express the emotions they feel, using painting as a tool for understanding and communicating their feelings.


Week 3: Expand Your Horizons

  • Focus on the theme of connection through art, painting planets on a black canvas and combining them into a unified artwork.
  • Discuss how each person's creation represents the universe within them, promoting a sense of community and shared human experience.
  • Encourage participants to explore their place in the universe through art, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.


Week 4: Creative Freedom

  • Encourage participants to create their own unique pieces, using the skills they've learned and exploring personal expression.
  • Create a supportive environment for sharing thoughts and feelings behind their artwork, reinforcing the workshop's focus on emotional healing and self-discovery.
  • Emphasise art as a personal outlet for exploring identity and processing life experiences.


Week 5: Finishing Touches

  • Guide participants in refining their projects and preparing them for exhibition.
  • Encourage reflection on their artistic journey, noting how their art has evolved as a reflection of their inner exploration and healing.
  • Discuss the therapeutic benefits of completing a piece of art, likening it to achieving personal milestones on the path to emotional well-being.


Week 6: Preparing for the Exhibition

  • Prepare for the exhibition, highlighting it as an opportunity for participants to share their artwork as a testament to their personal growth and vulnerability.
  • Frame the exhibition as the culmination of their healing journey, where sharing their art becomes an act of bravery and an opportunity for connection and empathy.
  • Reflect on the transformative experience of the workshop, noting how participants have used art to explore and express their thoughts, feelings, and healing processes.

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Starting on 28th of March 2pm for 2hours each week.
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