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Art Therapist - Katy Downs

Art Therapy in Berkshire

Expressing feelings through art and play

Based in Windsor - local to areas of Berkshire, Surrey & Buckinghamshire. 

Art therapy involves making art alongside a trained art therapist.  The art therapist accompanies and supports the child, young person or adult, during a set weekly time, as they learn to use the art materials for expression.  Gradually
?through this process a relationship of trust is built. 

Which children might benefit from art therapy & how could it help?

All children go through a variety of experiences some of which they manage, and others that might impact and leave them distressed, for example:

  • Bereavement or illness in the family, 
  • Peer group problems
  • Changes of family circumstances
  • School issues

Children (even if they are very young) will try to make sense of what is happening while also experiencing their own difficult emotions.  For example there may have been a split in the family and while trying to readjust to a new family structure the child may also have overwhelming feel of sadness, anger, loss and perhaps even guilt. Some children may be able to talk to family or friends but for others that's too hard and they don't have words for the feelings that they are experiencing.  A regular and consistent space in which the child's expression - whether through paintings, puppets, or chatting - can be seen and thought about, by someone who is therapeutically trained, can help the child to make sense of their feelings and leave them feeling more ready to cope. 
What is an art therapist?
An art therapist is someone who understands the art process but has a psychotherapeutic training.  A common idea is that they analyse pictures, and thereby analyse the child, but the role of an art therapist is not to intrude, but to be non-judgemental and develop a rapport.  This process can help the child understand their own feelings and give them a means of expression.

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