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Gnostic Fellowship

Hi Brethren,

Season’s Greetings.

I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and Preach Christianity. Sikhism is the continuation of Christianity. I have proved the Virgin Birth of Jesus and here I present a link to my full article. If you are interested, then we can Preach Christianity by joining the Company of our Anointed Royal High Priest Christ Jesus, our Bridegroom.

You need a New Skin to contain the New Wine and this Jesus prepared at Cana when he asked the Labourers to rinse all aspects of the Old Wine from your heart. Fill the Vats, our physical body, with a clean heart in order to be an unbiased little child. Then, use holy spirit, common sense, to Brew Logo, His Word through logical reasoning.  Here is the link to my article on the Proofs of Virgin Birth of Jesus:-

When God, our Supernatural Father Elohim, lives in His Greed-Free Temple, then do you need to pray and fast to Yahweh, demiurge Potter in heaven? No. It is Anti-Christ.

In our supernatural Father, the soul is his son and not a daughter. That is, when a person is solitary, she/he is a man, master of her/his own destiny. So, in Christ, we are sons of most high whether in flesh male or female.

Or Unless a woman, a person who follows others as people do Pope, becomes a Man, a solitary master of his/her own destiny, she cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. That is why Jesus made us Fishers of spiritual Men of the type of the born blind person – John 9 - and not of the spiritual women, the stooges of Pope, Neo-Temple High Priest.

My New T-shirt design:-

Over 6700 Youtube videos: channel nijjhar1. No copyrights.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar
Contact Position
Gnostic Fellow, a Royal Priest.
0118 962 3200 (Daytime)

144 Hamilton Road READING Berkshire RG1 5RE

Where to go

To be advised; my lectures and seminars are totally FREE.
Gospel House
144 Hamilton Road

Please call your Brother Rajinder before arriving to discuss Gospel Treasures.




Once-born people are incapable of logical reasoning and, therefore, the logo is for the twice-born people of discerning intellect called the “holy spirit”, surtti or “common sense”.

So, if you want Gospel, then you must think logically over your own heart. Thus, listen to everyone and ponder over it logically in your own heart. Then, Gospel would be written over the living tablets of heart – 2corn 3.


Scriptures, the dead letters are “deadly poison” to Gospel.


Scriptures, the “dead letters” that the once-born people are taught in the universities and colleges, they are “old wines” or “milk for the babies”. This is the Jewish leaven which Jesus forbade.

The twice-born people of “discerning intellect” are like the “birds of the air” capable of “logical reasoning” to brew the “New Wine” within their own hearts. For this, you need to be “impartial and unbiased” like the little children.

Thus, you do not need to go to a university to know Gospel but a heart burning for “Gospel Treasures”.

University degrees in “dead letters” will turn you into a super donkey carrying “Holy Books”. “Letter killeth, spirit giveth Life”.

Typical Youtube Video on Son of God:-

Son represents Father, so in Jesus, we are the sons of Elohim and we should display His qualities for Salvation.

Natural bastards versus supernatural Bastards.

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Every day by appointment.
Time of day
Session Information
In Jesus
we join hands together to Preach Gospel. I need technical skills for publishing my Book; One God One Faith.

Other Details


Is there a charge for
using this service?
Gospel is received by the grace of our Father and Freely it is given with pleasure. Seven simple questions:- 1. What is the difference between Yahweh, Brahma, Khudah, etc. and Elohim, Parbrahm, Allah, etc.? 2. What is the difference between a Priest and a Royal Priest? 3. Why Yahweh created Adam first and Eve out of the rib of Adam and not both together? 4. Why a woman cannot “teach” the moral laws of Moses/Scriptures but she could “Preach” Gospel? 5. Why Jesus made a whip and beat the traders when He Preached that if someone hits you on one cheek then present the other? 6. What are the names of the Prodigal son, his elder brother and the father? 7. What is the difference between the “kingdom of heaven” of the Rabbis and the “Royal Kingdom of God” that Jesus ushered in? Why Jesus is not the Lord: - URL:- – Menorah:-


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Please watch my Youtube videos; channel nijjhar1 for introduction.

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