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Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the organisations listed on this site have posted service updates and will continue doing so. Many phone lines and websites are still available, however some contact details may have changed. Try the organisation's own website if you're having difficulty getting through.

If you have any queries, please email us at or

Thames Water Priority Services - extra care service available

Did you know that we offer a free service that provides extra care and support to those who need it most?

Our priority services register is available to many people and may just be the help you or someone you care for needs.

Proactive support if your water supply turns off

When you join our priority services register, you will have peace of mind with our dedicated phone line for water and waste emergencies. If you’re medically dependent on water, on dialysis, or have restricted mobility, we’ll call you to explain what’s happened and check if you need our help. We also offer additional support during an outage such as bringing bottled water straight to your door.

You can also rely on us for proactive support. When we’re planning maintenance to our pipes, we’ll give you plenty of notice so that you can make alternative arrangements. We’ll make sure to communicate in the format that best suits your needs and, if you want extra reassurance, help you set up a doorstep password so that you know it’s us if we ever pop by to speak to you.

Tailored communications to meet your needs

Being on the register means we can tailor our day to day conversations with you. If you need your bills sent to you in a different format such as braille, large print, on a coloured background, read over the phone or even emailed to you, we can help. You can even nominate a family member, friend or carer to receive updates for you in emergencies.

To register:


Call: 0800 0093652 option 3


You can also watch the video below for further information