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Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of the organisations listed on this site have posted service updates and will continue doing so. Many phone lines and websites are still available, however some contact details may have changed. Try the organisation's own website if you're having difficulty getting through.

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Ready for Parenthood Campaign

#ReadyforParenthood Camapign image


Our #ReadyforParenthood campaign aims to support new parents, running across local authorities, NHS organisations and local support groups. Each month focuses on a different aspect of being a parent:

  • Attachment and developing a relationship with your baby
  • Checking your vaccinations are up to date for you and your baby
  • Keeping to a healthy weight, taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet
  • Feeding your baby
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • What to do when your baby is crying
  • Perinatal mental health and wellbeing for parents
  • Healthy relationships
  • Post-natal contraception and spacing your pregnancies; getting ready for a future pregnancy
  • Looking after your own body, pelvic health and postnatal checks
  • Stopping smoking and cutting out or reducing alcohol and drug use
  • Understanding more about if your baby is born early

Visit website for more information #ReadyforParenthood campaign - Welcome (